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iOS 7 shows that Apple finally recognizes steep competition

Jess Smith

iOS 7 features a brand new, modern look for app icons

iOS 7 was released today with brand new features and an interface

Techies and Apple enthusiasts alike, rejoice! iOS 7 has finally arrived, giving iPhone users a completely different experience that will bring the same giddy feeling iPhone owners had when they first took their phone out of the box. iOS 7 presents a completely revamped look with a brand new interface and fresh features that will drastically change the way you use your iPhone.

The brand new layout tricks the brain into thinking you have a larger screen with the signature black bars now being eliminated from the screen and high-definition, full-screen images being in it’s place.  The excitement with iOS 7 continues on to the passcode screen, which spotlights chic circles now rather than the sterile boxes that the previous iOS had.

To directly compete against Apple’s current nemesis, the Samsung Galaxy, they have now incorporated a feature called AirDrop, which allows users to share media with a swift touch of the share button. If the user that is being shared with is near then the user’s name will pop up and after they receive the confirmation screen, the download will begin. Once the recipient’s download is complete, the information received will immediately open in the app that it pertains to.

iOS 7 is also firing virtual bullets at Instagram with their brand new camera app. The camera app will now feature nine photo filters, similar to the ones on Instagram that users can now apply before or after the picture is taken.

Since most competing smartphones are generally connected by Google, web browsing is made easy with the browser bar acting a search query and a direct web address portal. In the previous iOS format, Safari did not act as a search query, making it a little more difficult for people who wanted to search something without typing a full web address. iOS 7 eliminates this problem with Safari taking on both roles making the browsing experience smoother.

The popular internet radio service Pandora will also not be an iOS 7 feature since Apple is taking matters into their own hands with the edition of iTunes Radio. Apple will also make it so users can save their minutes with the inclusion of FaceTime audio. As long as the Internet is within reach, users will be even be able to make international calls with other iOS users.

It is evident the theme of the iOS 7 is simplicity once iPhone owners take a look at the brand new Control Center. The Control Center is revealed when you swipe up, and it allows you to adjust the brightness of your screen, go into Airplane mode or turn on the iPhone flash feature which can turn your iPhone into a flashlight. The easy-access Control Center has been available on Droids for some time, which shows that Apple has finally woke up and evaluated the competitor.

Although Apple’s iOS 7 is in no way an innovative look at technology, it is an indication that Apple is going to have to do a little more than rely on their massive name and the legacy of Steve Jobs to stay relevant. Ever since the release of the Samsung Galaxy, the competition has been close and it is ultimately up to the consumer to decide who will come out on top.

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