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Writing Highly Influential Personal Statements-Not A Nightmare Anymore

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By Miley Adalson

Personal statements, also known as statements of purpose or application essays, are written in response to high-school, college or university application forms. A well written personal statement persuades colleges and universities to give you the admission in the required course(s). The committee of each course use your personal statements for comparing you with the other applicants, so it is essential to try and make yours impressive enough so that it catches their attention first and retain it. You need to show your enthusiasm for the course you are applying to and show your suitability for it.

Personal statements give you an opportunity to provide more information about yourself. Remember, it is the only chance to send across your message to the admissions committee. So, follow the few following tips to write a personal statement that engages your reader in no time:

Give Proper Time To Research

If you are applying to a certain school and they want to know why you wish to study there, provide legitimate and genuine reasons of choosing them. Start working on your personal statement early and do as much research as possible to show why you chose them over other universities or colleges. An important factor for the admission committee would be the cultural or geographical change, if any. Give them more and more reasons to accept your application.

Avoid Negativity In Your Personal Statement

Getting started with writing the personal statement can surely be a hectic job but the key is to remain calm. Panic attacks have never helped anyone in completing the tasks. Your personal statement must show that you are highly motivated and looking forward to start the courses right away. Start with talking about your strengths and talk about yourself in a positive way.

Attention To Details

Do not use complicated words. Write in a natural and enthusiastic tone and make sure that you stay in the character and line limit. Personal statements cannot be written like you are writing an informal letter. Focus on the proper format and style, most appropriate for writing the statement of purpose. Use good English and avoid using bold, too many colors, italics or anything else to make it look too fancy. Do not forget to proofread once you are done.

Show What Makes You Eligible For The Course

Mention all the experiences, skills and achievements that may support your personal statement and leave good impression on the admission committee. They could be from any of your hobbies, social activities and interests, work experiences or education. Give extra attention to their course listings and then mention the skills that are most relevant for the particular course you are applying for.

Come Up With Your Own

Do not treat a personal statement like a resume and look for the samples online. Personal statement, as the name suggests, is all about stating your personal experiences and skills. You cannot just copy a personal statement from the internet or copy someone else’s statements and prepare your own. All statements are run through the similarity detection system, and if yours show some or all copied parts, then nobody can stop your application from being flagged.

Use Clichés And Humour Carefully

Every person has a different sense of humour. What may seem hilariously funny or ironic to you may not sound that way to the other person, especially someone who does not know you well. You certainly would not like it if your application gets rejected because of using senseless humour in the personal statement. The same goes for clichés; refrain from using often-repeated statements or writing lines from famous movies in your personal statement. You do want to stand out with your application but make sure it does not backfire.

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