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Dan Marino Fathers Love Child with Junior CBS Employee

Rob Gilmore

Dan Marino's slip in judgment, fathers love child with fellow employee

Dan Marino fathers love child with fellow CBS Employee in 2005

Dan Marino, football legend and current CBS Sports analyst, reportedly fathered a love child with Donna Savattere, a former CBS Sports production assistant in 2004, to whom Marino paid millions to keep the affair a secret.  Their daughter, Chloe, was born in 2005. 

Marino met Savattere as a pregame analyst for CBS, where he has worked since 2003.  Donna Savattere was 35 at the time of the affair, according to the Mail Online.  The birth of their child came in 2005, just two months before Marino was inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

After the birth, Donna Savattere swiftly moved to New York and spent much of her time in the Upper West Side and the Hamptons, where she became a fixture on the social scene, according to the Mail Online.  Their daughter is now being raised by Savattere and her husband, banker Nahill Younis; the couple was married in their home in the Hamptons in 2009. 

Dan Marino will remain a CBS contributor and is still a scheduled commentator for this Sunday’s Super Bowl.  “This is a personal and private matter. I take full responsibility both personally and financially for my actions now as I did then,” Marino said in a statement. “We mutually agreed to keep our arrangement private to protect all parties involved.”

Jen Sabatelle, spokeswoman for CBS Sports, told a USA Today reporter, “Dan has said all there is to say on this matter and he’ll be in his usual role on our broadcast Super Bowl Sunday.”  Marino says he, his wife and six children continue to be a strong family.  Marino maintains a relationship with his now seven year-old daughter.

Marino will be part of the CBS Super Bowl telecast Sunday, which starts at 2 p.m. ET, before the game’s 6:30 p.m. kickoff.

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