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College Poor No More: 100 Savings Tips for College Students by Michelle Perry Higgins

Ellen Zacarias

College Poor No More by Michelle Perry Higgins

Save Money on Food, Day-to-Day Living, Housing, Travel, and More

College Poor No More! 100 $avings Tips for College Students 
by Michelle Perry Higgins
Genres: Non-Fiction / Self-Help / Money / Finance
I went to K-Mart during the beginning of my freshman year to buy a bike for campus. There were other students who were standing outside the discount department store with Huffy bikes. “We’re poor college students,” one of them remarked as she popped up the bike stand with her foot.
At about $70 a pop, Huffy bikes were still an investment. She was quoting an archetype of the college student, and she was not referring to the trust fund baby.
College students have the reputation of being broke (or buried in debt), but does it always have to be this way? 
College Poor No More contains 100 different ways to save money, making it a great introduction and overview to saving money for the college student. 100% of Michelle’s profits from this book will go to providing scholarships for deserving students.
The money-saving tips are divided into sections:
  • Managing Your Money (banking, credit)
  • Hitting the Shops  
  • Cooking, Eating, and Drinking
  • Social Life
  • Day-to-Day Living
  • Housing
  • Travel
  • Life Hacks
  • Professional Matters (getting a job/internship)
  • Welcome to the Real World
Each tip takes up only one or two pages, so the book is overall a fast and easy read. I can flip through it whenever I have a few moments to myself. Every few pages, there is a comic or two about saving money. They’re cute and the info is easy to digest, especially when so many budget books out there can come across as intimidating to the novice.
There are also genius tips that I wish I had come across while I was in college, especially #22: “Purchase School Supplies on an ‘As Needed’ Basis”. I took an art class in which varying (and expensive) art supplies were listed on the syllabus. Ultimately, I ended up using about 30% of them and was stuck with a bunch of unused art supplies by the end of the quarter. 
Throughout the book, there are other resourceful tips that are brilliant and useful to a college student, such as ideas for saving money on printer ink and dorm decorations. 
College Poor No More would make a great gift to any college student. Even people who are normally can use a reminder every now and then, especially in the middle of so much advertisement and overpriced goods on campus. I have succumbed countless times to the overpriced temptations of convenience drinks and snacks. 
The book comes out on May 1st, but you can pre-order it online on Amazon.  
My Rating: 5/5
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