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Chug 'N' Play transforms the art of drinking games

Editorial Staff

Party games have never been so much fun

It’s that moment when the plastic cups line up into a pyramid, or space is cleared outside for a game of ladder ball, when a party becomes more active and more memories are created.

When a simple game gets added to a party, it seems the time gets a little more exciting. A lazy activity like throwing a bean bag into a hole can help break the monotony of standing around the keg, and it’s a good way to break the ice among the guests.

There’s a new company, called Chug ‘N’ Play, Inc., that is taking party games to a whole new level. With its philosophy of “Life’s a game, drink it up,” the company carries the most popular party games like Beer Pong, Corn Hole, Ladder Ball, and every other common backyard and tailgate party game. Along with that, it showcases a lot of other fun, free things through its website, which offers games you can print and play, rules for drinking games, and free software to manage your games. Check it out at

“Our goal is to just have fun,” owner Geoff Letson said. “We like to come up with awesome things to do at a party. Our company is helping people make their parties more memorable in a positive way.”

When you are in search of a great game to play with your friends, or trying to find an easy way to introduce yourself to a new crowd, Chug N Play is your resource for fun.

Right now the company is working on getting its repertoire of games listed on its website. In the months ahead, Chug ‘N’ Play plans to release free management software to help run game leagues for bars or individuals with at-home tournaments. Pretty much, you’ll be able to log onto, create tournaments and have the ability to manage your tournament from any device with an internet connection. The software will be free for people running a tournament up to six teams. The site will offer services for additional teams at a small fee.

The company is also working on a series of online games. The idea is geared toward people who want to go to a party, but don’t have a party to go to. They can instead go online and compete in a long-distance game; a way to play Beer Pong without leaving the couch. Other ideas floating around at Chug N Play includes a platform where two separate parties can combine long distance to compete in online drinking games. We don’t know what that is all about yet, but it does sound fun.

If you have not visited already, it’s worth the trip. See what the company is all about at

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