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Carlos Santana not dead

Janelle Vreeland

Carlos Santana in 1976

Carlos Santana is alive and well, despite Internet rumors

Carlos Santana fans, fear not. The legendary guitarist is still alive and well, even though some sites were spreading rumors of his death.

As reports, the confusion seems to have stemmed from the death of Moammar Gadhafi on Thursday. Many sites, including this one, pointed out the resemblance between Gadhafi and Santana, jokingly posting “RIP Carlos Santana.”

The rumors also spread on Twitter with posts, like one stating “Can’t believe the real ‘guitar hero’ Carlos Santana is dead,” being retweeted more than 100 times.

Santana, 64, was also in the news Thursday, speaking to ABC7 about visiting his high school, Mission High School in San Francisco, on Friday. Santana will be visiting the high school in recognition of the school reducing its dropout rate, increasing its graduation rate, increasing test scores and increasing the amount of students who go on to college.

Read more about the Carlos Santana, Moammar Gadhafi mix up here.

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