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Caribana Shop's jewelry brings a timeless sense to affordable jewelry

Editorial Staff

Timeless jewelry that is affordable is often a rare find, however Caribana Jewlery is one of those gems that are almost too good to believe. Each gorgeous piece is made with character and with the piece’s original design it comes off as wearable art rather than mere jewelry. The piece I received was a pair of handcrafted pearl earrings, complete with 14k gold wiring that compliment each other in only the classiest way. Most of the jewelry I come across is extremely cheap and gets tarnished after only a few wears, but the owner of Caribana, Daniela Caro, really takes her time in creating stunning pieces of jewelry that stay looking new. All of the jewelry has a slight, tribal twinge to it, which really is great when trying out new looks. 

The shop’s other jewelry pieces can be worn casually to spice up an everyday outfit or to accentuate a classy evening gown. All of the pieces implement 14k gold wiring to give a sense of luxury that never rises over a $30 price point. Not to mention, gold has been really overtaking the runways, with New York fashion week really going for the gold this year. These kinds of pieces cannot be found in stores due to the time and effort you can tell goes into each piece. Check out the handcrafter pearl earrings and everything from bracelets to headbands at the Esty Caribana shop HERE.

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