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Cabbage Patch wigs go viral

Margaret Swofford

Hats that replicate the locks of these Cabbage Patch are going viral.

Now everyone can look like a Cabbage Patch kid

From adults to babies to kids with cancer, these wigs are made for all. Designed to replicate the hair of the iconic Cabbage Patch kid dolls, these wigs are on the rage.

Amanda Lillie, a soon-to-be mom recently started her own crocheting business based on these precious wigs. From Dawsonville, Ga, Lillie said that she loved to crochet and one day while scouring Pinterest she found a Cabbage Patch hat pattern based off of the dolls’ tresses. After deciding that she could make them better and even more realistic, she pulled out one of her own dolls and started crocheting. Soon after finishing she put one of her creations up on Etsy, and from there on business took off.

“I was a huge child of the ‘80s and I had lots of Cabbage Patch Kids dolls and I just loved them,” Lillie told TODAY Moms.

She said that it takes two to three hours to crochet one wig, and the most popular model is a wig that is a light brunette shade with pig tails.

Her customers range from women with 8-month-old babies, who mimic the Cabbage Patch dolls most effectively at that age because of their size, to adults who just want a cute and warm hat.

“I was successful on my first attempt and with Halloween soon approaching I put it up for sale on my Etsy shop. I was surprised to find that there was a tremendous amount of interest in my hats. Since then I have sold dozens of custom made hats for newborns all the way through adults,” Lillie said.

“I’ve just seen a tremendous response,” Lillie said. “Apparently it’s going viral on some of the social media websites.”

We all wish Amanda Lillie the best of luck with her business and hope she will make the most of her new trend.

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