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Bob Dylan, plagiarizer?

Janelle Vreeland

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s paintings said to be copies of photographs by others

Bob Dylan, how does it feel…to be accused of plagiarizing?

Zap2It reports that Dylan has been accused of plagiarizing his most recent paintings. Dylan’s paintings are being displayed at the Gagosian Gallery as “The Asia Series.” The paintings are a “visual reflection on his travels in Japan, China, Vietnam and Korea.” But the New York Times has discovered that Dylan’s pieces are almost identical to previously published photographs by other artists.

Reportedly, the piece “Tirade” is similar to a 1948 photograph by Henri Cartier-Bresson and “Opium” is similar to  Leon Busy’s photo “Woman Smoking Opium.”

The gallery has spoken out about the allegations, saying that the “composition of some of Bob Dylan’s paintings are based on a variety of sources.”

Read more about Bob Dylan’s plagiarism accusations here.

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