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Blackfire Clamplight brings convenience to camping

Editorial Staff


Camping in the woods can be as terrifying as it is exhilarating. The vast open space and the endless darkness can create paranoia in even the toughest people. This is why lights, lamps, lanterns and flashlights are vital. Winner of the coveted Red Dot award for its design, The Blackfire Clamplight Lantern incorporates all of these different kinds of light technology into one.

The Blackfire Clamplight Lantern can clamp down onto trees, tents, and tables. It can pivot if any direction and can also be held as a flashlight, which is perfect for that camper who has an itch to explore.  It also can be converted to a standing light, if you don’t have anything around to clamp it onto. The bright LED light can illuminate an extremely large area, virtually able to illuminate an entire campsite.

The Blackfire Clamplight’s battery life is really long (up to 26 hours), but you might want to pack three extra AAA batteries, since it takes three of these to work. The Blackfire Clamplight is the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to go on a camping trip. This light pretty much takes care of all of your lighting needs, so if you take a couple of these with you, you will pretty much be set! The Blackfire Clamplight is available for $27.99.

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