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The Top 3 Free Educational YouTube Channels

Taryn Ziegler

The Top 3 Free Educational YouTube Channels

These educational Youtube channels are perfect for gaining some knowledge

If you’re still in school, you probably won’t be able to convince your teachers or your parents to let you substitute these top 3 free educational YouTube channels for your classes. However, for those of you out of school, these channels are invaluable concerning the betterment of your own intellect and self-awareness (and they do make wonderful supplements for those of you in school). These three YouTube channels are lightyears beyond anything we’ve seen so far in the free-education department. If you have a hankering to keep furthering yourself and to not spend a dime while doing it, check these channels out.

1. Khan Academy

By far the most intuitive, rigorous, and in-depth of the three, the Khan Academy is, as they claim, “on a mission to unlock the world’s potential.” It was originally created in 2006 by Salman Khan and currently operates as a non-profit organization, producing short lectures through YouTube for the pleasure of the public. From physics and biology to history and trigonometry, the Khan Academy provides accurate, useful, and thorough lessons on it all. Their brief videos and creative use of digital chalkboards keeps these lessons both engaging and informative.

2. Crash Course

Crash Course (sometimes CrashCourse) was started by brother duo Hank and John Green who were also responsible for VlogBrothers. Crash Course launched in 2011 and as of May 2015 received over 4 million subscribers and 250 million video views. Starting in January 2015, Crash Course partnered with PBS Digital Studios and now has over 14 courses on subjects ranging from the humanities to astronomy. Crash Course videos seamlessly combine animations with the “talking head” of the featured lecturer, which is usually one of the Green brothers or another guest professional. They tend to be colorful, humorous, and highly contagious.

3. The School of Life

An organization founded in 2008, the School of Life has branches in Paris, Tel Aviv, London, Seoul, and elsewhere around the world. The School of Life’s goal is to educate participants on how to live “wisely and well,” including finding fulfilling work and generally understanding the world. Their hope is to create spaces where people can “meet other curious, sociable, and open-minded people in an atmosphere of exploration and enjoyment.” Weekly videos are posted to their YouTube channel which contains a smorgasbord of topics. These include history, relationships, art, philosophy, and comedy. The School of Life’s videos also contain grains of humor as well as scrapbook-style visuals and lessons honed with brevity.
Experience The School of Life here.

Where to Start?

Perhaps the most relaxed of the three is the School of Life, while the most rigorous is the Khan Academy. Crash Course represents a happy medium with its short videos and its witty lecturers. No matter where you begin with these three channels, you’re guaranteed to learn something new and to have your mind expanded in one direction or another. Don’t miss your opportunity to keep bettering yourself and stimulating your mind as you grow and move away from classical schooling. With technology and YouTube as it is, all the tools you want to learn are already waiting eagerly at your fingertips.

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