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Bill Cosby interview on Stand Your Ground Law and Trayon Martin case

Billy Gardner

Bill Cosby against the gun laws: see the video

As Zimmerman now has witnesses claiming he was injured

Sanford, Florida- Witnesses have supported George Zimmerman’s claim that he was injured on the day he shot and killed African American Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman recently turned himself in after being charged with second degree murder by special prosecutor Angela Corey. He was treated by police for injuries including a broken nose, but a video released later on had a Zimmerman with no signs of injury. His neighbors have come to his side, claiming they saw George Zimmerman the day after the confrontation with bandages on his nose and the back of his head while being interviewed by a police detective.

Zimmerman’s father and brother have also supported his claim that he was in fear for his life after being beaten by Trayvon Martin and was forced to discharge his registered his gun on the teen. The case holds a strong point under Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law, if in fact, bodily injury had occurred on George Zimmerman. Death by necessary force could be deemed permissible for the neighborhood watchman.

The elephant in the case is the racial uproar behind the melting pot of a United States stirred by media. Comedian Bill Cosby says the problem lies elsewhere from race but rather, on “that gun” George Zimmerman was carrying, “I’m a person who believes that that gun, that gun, all around this United States- when a person has a gun sometimes their mind clicks that this thing is, it will win arguments and straighten people out, and then in the wrong hands and the wrong mind, it’s death,” said Cosby on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday about the influence of the Stand Your Ground Law on a certain murder suspect. The murder might not have happened if George Zimmerman didn’t have a gun in his hands and a law that says I could get off for “protecting myself.”

The neighbors of George Zimmerman reported to the Sanford Police and the FBI but failed to remember an interview from Corey. 

See Bill Cosby on CNN:


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