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Bethenny Frankel getting emotional

Danielle Adams

Bethenny Frankel gets emotional during interview

Reality star opens up about miscarriage, marriage problems

Bethenny Frankel revealed some distressing news on the “Today Show” this morning. Frankel appeared on the talk show for what seemed to be a routine publicity interview to promote premire of this season’s “Bethenny Ever After,” which airs tonight on Bravo. The interview took a more somber tone when Frankel opened up about her recent miscarriage.

“That was a very emotional experience, and it had a lot of things that came with it,” said Bethenny Frankel, “The window is closing, and it’s something I’m dealing with.” Frankel was pregnant with her second baby and miscarried at eight weeks. The miscarriage happened so recently that it will not be addressed on this season of “Bethenny Ever After.” The 41-year-old star is unsure if she and husband Jason Hoppy will have another child.

She has recently confessed to problems in her marriage, which will be featured in this season of the reality show. “Now you’ll see us actually settle in and without the fuss of getting ready for a wedding or a baby. There’s less preoccupation, and that can be a little strange. We’re different people, and that can lead to tense situations. And it’s something we still work through,” she said in an interview with the “L.A. Times.”

A miscarriage is not the only scary thing to happen to Bethenny Frankel lately. This morning she also revealed that she recently had an ulcer, “I took an antibiotic pill at night without a full glass of water and it burned a hole right in my esophagus. I thought I was dying,” she said on the “Today Show.” She is fully recovered now.

Bethenny Frankel first rose to fame as a contestant in “The Apprentice: Martha Stewart” and was one of two finalists. She was then one of original housewives on “Real Housewives of New York City.” In 2010 Frankel got her own show, “Bethenny Getting Married,” which documented her engagement, marriage and the birth of her daughter, Bryn Casey Hoppy.  In the follow-up series, “Bethenny Ever After,” she focuses more on juggling marriage and motherhood as well as her business ventures. 

Frankel is not planning to slow down anytime soon. This summer she is launching her own syndicated talk show, “Bethenny.” The show will air in a six-week preview on select Fox stations and will feature Frankel’s “no-nonsense perspective of everything from pop culture and current events to relationships, beauty, fitness and lifestyle segments.” Ellen DeGeneres has been named as an executive producer.

In addition to fame through reality television, Frankel has also written three bestselling books and founded the company Skinnygirl Cocktails.

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