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Ben & Jerry’s reveals their newest ice cream creation

Kelly Bradley

Ben & Jerry's ice cream

Ben & Jerry’s new limited-edition ice cream flavor is Cannoli

Get ready to dig into Ben & Jerry’s new delicious ice cream creation—Cannoli. This new flavor contains fudge-covered cannoli pastry chunks and mascarpone swirls. However, this is not the first time the company has attempted a cannoli ice cream. Holy Cannoli was launched in 1997 but was withdrawn within a year. This one was different from today’s flavor in that it contained vanilla pistachio ice cream, ricotta, chocolate-covered cannoli pieces and roasted pistachios.

One Facebook user with enough time on their hands to complain about an ice cream flavor said that an authentic Italian cannoli does not use mascarpone. In response to this complaint, the company said “We made a cannoli flavor with ricotta cheese before, and it didn’t do so hot, so we’re putting a new twist on this version. We also have a flavor called Chubby Hubby, but you don’t find any overweight spouses in it.”

Ben & Jerry’s is excited about the release of the new flavor, despite the dismal reviews of its predecessor. The company said “Putting out a different cannoli ice cream flavor is our chance to show our fans just how much we love playing with our food: we love it so much that we don’t just stop at one final flavor!”

The frozen dairy treat will be available to consumers in the U.S. at the end of the month and will exist for about three to four months until a new flavor takes its place.

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