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Beanie Wells Won’t Need Surgery

Danielle Olipra

Beanie Wells

Coach says Beanie Wells’ knee is “stable”

Beanie Wells, Arizona Cardinals’ running back, took a hit to his right knee on Sunday during the second quarter of a game against the Steelers.  It was said that he had swelling, and he never returned to the game.

On Monday, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt said Beanie’s knee is “stable” and he won’t need surgery, says  Whisenhunt couldn’t give an approximate time for Wells’ recovery, but did share that this news has encouraged his team, as they had feared Wells may be out for the season.

The coach also declined to give details on the knee injury, but did say it was not a “bone bruise” as has reported.  For the Cardinals’ upcoming game in Baltimore on Sunday, Alfonso Smith will likely start.  When asked who would play if Wells was still out, Whisenhunt said, “It will be a little bit of back-by-committee.”

The coach also confirmed that he has been contemplating personnel changes.  He had an opinion about quarterback Kevin Kolb, saying he is “missing throws he needs to make,” and that Kolb has “got to get better with his footwork.”  But he then attributed the team’s recent scores to Kolb’s plays, affirming that he’s still a valuable asset to the team.

To read more about Whisenhunt’s statements, click here.

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