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This sportswear collection is perfect for the sporty, trendy girl

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College News reviewed Bombshell Sportswear products

The New Year is upon us, which means thanks to those resolutions, gym membership season is in full effect. When it comes to athletic wear, it is hard to find something that is both comfortable and fashionable. When it comes to working out, motivation is key so donning workout clothes that help you feel confident will help you put your best self forward and really work hard to get yourself that athletic bod you want for the Spring/Summer months.

Bombshell Sportswear really gets the trendy workout clothes concept right with their high-end sportswear line that doubles as really comfortable athletic wear and trendy clothes to carry you into your day activities. College News received some products from Bombshell Sportswear to test out the look, efficiency and comfort of the products to see if the usability of the athletic wear was compromised for style.

Sock Leggings

Immediately I was drawn to these workout leggings because of the faux tube socks that are incorporated into the leggings. The retro 80s look is really trendy and can definitely catch some attention in the gym. I also wouldn’t mind wearing these just out and about, which means you can get a lot of long-term use out of these leggings. The next thing to check for the leggings was how well you can actually work out in them. I took them to the gym and worked out on the treadmill at medium speed for a half hour. Even though I set a bit, the extremely soft and comfortable fabric wicked well and didn’t become a sweaty mess. Overall these leggings are definitely perfect for working out.

Meow Sports Bra

If you are the type of person to work out just in your sports bra, then you definitely want to check this adorable piece out. The meow sports bra is not only adorable, but is actually extremely supportive and comfortable. The Meow Sports Bra features no underwire, so you won’t have to worry about that pesky wiring sticking you while you are getting into shape.

Bomb Girl Mesh Tee

If you aren’t the type of girl who likes working out in just a sports bra, then this feminine Bomb Girl Mesh Tee is perfect for you. Even if you don’t want to work out in this, this Mesh Tee still looks amazing as just a casual tee to wear out and about. Our intern wore this Mesh Tee during an intense workout and still felt completely cool and dry afterwards, so this tee is not only cute, but extremely useful for the serious athletes.

Overall, Bombshell Sportswear is not only really trendy and classy, but they also kept the usability in mind when designing their athletic wear, which is perfect for those who want to break a sweat, while also causing a fashion statement in the workout room. Check out Bombshell Sportswear for yourself HERE, because they definitely have the College News seal of approval.

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