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New webseries takes a look at residential life

Janelle Vreeland

Screencap of "Bayberry Hall" trailer

“Bayberry Hall” teaser trailer released on YouTube

“Bayberry Hall” is a new webseries that will debut this winter. The 15-episode series follows the lives of four RAs at a fictional Los Angeles university. The four RAs are Jamie, Darcy, Scott and Cho, all of whom, as the site details, must learn how to connect in a world where expression is most popular through a 140 character status.

The series stars Matt Lara, Bonnie Sludikoff, Nikolai Fernandez and Narisa Suzuk and is written by Christopher Schamber and Bonnie Sludikoff.

For more information on the series, you can visit Bayberry’s Facebook page or the official site.

Interested in what the series has to offer? Check out Bayberry’s teaser trailer below!

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