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Kara Menini

Colorectal Cancer: Preventative medicine is key

Singer Robin Gibb recently woke from coma caused by cancer treatments

Colorectal cancer is the leading cause of death for men in the U.S. and third leading cause of death for women. Most recently, colorectal cancer has been in the news because of Robin Gibb, 62, of The Bee Gees’. He recently woke from a week-long coma that was caused by treatments for his advanced colorectal cancer.

Colorectal cancer caused Gibb to undergo two operations and chemotherapy treatment. The treatments, according to Rolling Stone were aggressive and lead to brain swelling as a result of liver failure. Because of that, Gibb’s body’s defenses were done and he contracted pneumonia which lead to his loss of consciousness last week. Gibb’s gastroenterologist has been amazed with his recovery. He told Rolling Stone, “Only three days ago, I warned Robin’s wife, Dwina, son, Robin John and brother, Barry, that I feared the worst. We felt it was very likely that Robin would succumb to what seemed to be insurmountable obstacles to any form of meaningful recovery. As a team, we were all concerned that we might be approaching the realms of futility.” According to reports, Gibb is still exhausted and malnourished, but is doing better in intensive care.

Colorectal cancer is deadly because a number of people will not experience symptoms until the colorectal cancer is in its advanced stages. The most common symptom is blood in the stool, caused by growing tumors that can start to bleed during “the passage of feces through the colon,” reported The Sun Daily. Although genetic predisposition is a cause for colorectal cancer, dietary and lifestyle habits can also cause it. Smoking, obesity, diabetes and consumption of large amounts of red meat have all been linked to colorectal cancer. Those who have a high fat, low fiber diet are also at risk for the disease.

The best way to keep clear of colorectal cancer is preventive medicine. A high fiber diet can lead to a reduced risk of colorectal cancer as well as the consumption of berries and nuts. It has also been reported that the spice turmeric has the ability to stop or slow the growth of cancer cells in its three growth stages. It’s also a smart idea to regularly see a doctor for a colonoscopy and blood marker tests.

Kevin Love will not be seen back on the court this season

Concussion suffered earlier in the month is cause for decision

Kevin Love, of the Minnesota Timberwolves, will not play the rest of the season. The concussion he sustained from an accidental elbow in the head from JaVala McGee earlier in the month.

Kevin Love has been cleared by the NBA to return to the court and has passed all concussion tests, but the Wolves don’t want to risk further injury for their All-Star forward. Timberwolves’ coach Rick Adelman said he wanted to keep Kevin Love on the bench for the rest of the year because head injuries are tricky and doesn’t want to put Love in any danger.

Kevin Love is the league’s fourth-leading scorer and second leading rebounder, so the Wolves’ decision definitely wasn’t an easy one. Kevin Love was practicing on Saturday and said he felt good being back on the court, but knows that sitting the rest of the season out is in the best interests of his long-term health. Luke Ridnour, guard for the Timberwolves, will also be sitting out the rest of the season with a sprained ankle. Coach Adelman said, “It’s just best for both of them not to push it.”

The news of their teammates have led to poor morale overall. Guard J.J. Barea believes some of the team has stopped caring. “We’ve got problems here,” he said. “We have a lot of guys that don’t car. On a basketball team, when you have a bunch of guys who don’t care, it’s tough to win games. We’re going to keep getting (losses) here until we get players that care about winning, about the team, about the fans.”

John Edwards set to go to trial today

Former presidential candidate facing six felony counts for using campaign money to hide pregnant mistress

John Edwards, former 2008 Presidential candidate, is set to go on trial today in Greensboro, N.C. John Edwards faces six felony counts including four counts of receiving illegal campaign contributions, one count of false statements from allegedly soliciting and conspiracy. Edwards allegedly spent the campaign donations that he did not report for living and medical expenses for his pregnant mistress, campaign videographer Rielle Hunter, while his late wife was battling breast cancer.

John Edwards wasn’t alone in this ruse on his way to the White House, as his trusted aide, Andrew Young, eventually made a public statement claiming paternity for Edwards’s unborn child, in order to through reporters off track and keep John Edwards poll numbers up. Young was married with three kids and told ABC News 20/20, “The most crazy thing about it is, is that it did work.” According to ABC News, “By the time Edwards suspended his campaign in late January 2008; Young was in hiding in California with his family and Rielle Hunter, who gave birth to a baby girl in Santa Barbara a month later. Edward continued to deny he was the father until finally acknowledging paternity in early 2010.”

Young is serving as a key witness in the case against John Edwards who “is accused of accepting more than $900,000 in campaign funds from two wealthy donors, knowing the exposure of his extramarital affair ‘would destroy his presidential campaign,’” reported CrossRoads Today. John Edwards is pleading ‘not-guilty’ and truly believes he did not break any laws. A legal analyst for ABC News, Dan Abrams, said, “I think John Edwards’ own lawyers are going to have to attack John Edwards. They’re going to have to talk about John Edwards as a flawed man and a flawed human being who made some big mistakes.”

The trial for John Edwards may last until late June and ABC News believes it will be an entertaining one; “Because both Edwards, 58, and Young, 46, have a history of lying about the events leading up to the trial, the stage is set for some dramatic courtroom moments.”

Magic Mike trailer released

Channing Tatum is shown in all his shirtless glory

The Magic Mike trailer has been released, so be prepared to see Channing Tatum sans shirt for the better part of two-and-a-half minutes.

Magic Mike is loosely based on Tatum’s own time as a dancer and follows a male stripper through life. A veteran stripper, he takes a newbie, Alex Pettyfer, under his wing and falls in love with his sister, Cody Horn. Matthew McConaughey makes an appearance in the movie as Tatum’s boss, the club owner.

The music that accompanies the Magic Mike trailer, Rihanna’s “We Found Love,” is perfect for the plot of the film; Horn’s character is skeptical of Tatum’s profession, yet they can’t seem to get away from each other. She pushes him to leave his career as a stripper in order to pursue his true passion of creating custom-made furniture.

The Huffington Post said of Magic Mike, “Tatum and Soderbergh (the director) have compared “Magic Mike” to “Saturday Night Fever,” but the trailer ignores any of the film’s darker moments in favor of good-time partying [and] walks on the beach.”

MTV tracked down a real-life male stripper to ask him if the trailer was authentic to his lifestyle. He said, “The bachelorette party, the whole thing is totally legit.” He also commented on the authenticity of the relationship between Tatum and Horn, “The whole rigamarole, as far as being in a relationship and being a stripper, 95 percent of the comments of the girlfriends or the significant others give are like, ‘When are you gonna give this up? When are you gonna get a real job?’ or what have you. So, they really captured that as well, which is really funny.”

The dancing in Magic Mike is also legit; Tatum gets to relive his days as a male stripper. He told Ellen DeGeneres of his past career, “Look, I’m not proud of it, but I’m not ashamed of it.” He had been in a tight spot when he was younger and needed a way to pay his rent.

Overall, the reviews have been positive and the movie is predicted to do well in box office.

Secret Service fires three more agents connecting in the prostitution scandal

Total officers fired is up to six

The Secret Service has let go three more men in the wake of the prostitution scandal that has rocked the agency this month, bringing the number of firings to six.

The scandal, which is said to involve over 20 Columbian prostitutes, has been such a big issue because it ruins the pristine image of the agency and because of safety concerns. A lawyer for two of the Secret Service supervisors said today that the safety of the President was never at risk and he also “criticized leaks of internal government investigations in the case, signaling their strategy for an upcoming legal defense,” reported Fox News.

The Secret Service scandal broke because one officer refused to pay one of the girls. A fight erupted over payment in the hallway of the hotel where hotel staff had to get involved. According to the New York Times, the 24-year-old Columbian prostitute said the Secret Service officer had agreed to pay $800 for the night, but only gave her $30 when she left in the morning. After the fight occurred, she was paid $225 and then left. The investigation is ongoing.

In lighter news, Spirit Airline once again is profiting from others misfortunes. Their new advertisement offers one way tickets to Cartagena for only $19.80. It claims, “More bang for your buck,” and says, “Upfront payment is required.” Pictured is Secret Service officer, wearing dark sunglasses, an earpiece and a finger over his mouth in front of four scantily-clad women. Spirit Airline released a similar ad in May 2011 around the separation of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenneger that stated, “Fares so low, you can take the whole family…including that half brother you just met.”

Colton Dixon finished "Idol" in seventh place

Plans to record Christian album in the near future

Colton Dixon felt what it was like to be in the Bottom 3 for the first and final time last night. Colton Dixon left American Idol in seventh place, but he doesn’t plan to give up on his singing career yet.

Colton Dixon, the 20-year-old, from Murfreesboro, TN, ended his time on American Idol by singing Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance and believes this song choice was the reason he was sent home. Colton Dixon has built a large Christian following throughout the season and blames his ignorance in the meaning of the song was what caused his elimination. “I should have thought that while choosing songs,” said Colton Dixon. “It just didn’t cross my mind. I was so concerned with doing another rock song, with the performance and the musicality of the song, that I overlooked the meaning.” Dixon changed some one the lyrics to make it more Christian friendly, and the judges gave him positive reviews, but that wasn’t enough for his Christian-based fan group.

Jennifer Lopez said, “I agree it was a very exciting performance. There were parts of it I just loved, and then there were those parts where it just got kind of a tiny bit low and you lost us a little bit. But again, you have so much character when you sing those parts that it just didn’t matter. It was a really good performance.”

After his elimination, Randy Jackson told Colton Dixon, “You have a huge career ahead of you man.”

Colton Dixon said, “Things are only going to get better from here. I’m going to be able to write my own music and put out my own music, and America’s going to be able to connect with me through that.” He continued, “I want to do Christian music. That’s where my hearts at … I’m going to start writing as soon as they let me and get started on a record.”

Chimpanzee, newest nature doc from Disney, receives positive reviews

Film follows the life of newborn chimp for four years

Chimpanzee, the new nature documentary from Disney, has been receiving wonderful reviews.

Chimpanzee is a documentary that follows a toddler chimp, Oscar, in the adventure that is his life. Living in the African jungle hands Oscar and his family good days and bad, and although Disney is famous for anthropomorphizing animals, the natural behavior of these chimps is so close that of humans, it’s hard to ignore the fact that they share 99 percent of their genetic material with us. NJ.com wrote about Chimpanzee, “It’s wrong, scientists often tell us, to look for human emotions in beasts. Yet feelings—fear, anger, concern—are everywhere here. Ingenuity, too, as the chimps use tools to crack nuts. And coldness, as well, as they hunt small monkeys for food.”

Chimpanzee is narrated by the tool man himself, Tim Allen, who tells Oscar’s family’s story. The film was about four years in the making and lasts about 80 minutes. Chimpanzee shows the chimp’s daily lives and explains their behavior, like how they groom each other has a way to strengthen bonds. The Huffington Post wrote about the main character of the documentary, “Oscar is as camera-ready a hero as you’re likely to find – unless there’s another baby chimp available. He plays with his mother Isha, bugs the adults and copies the actions of his elders in the brood. He also hides for his life whenever Freddy’s family must defend its territory from encroachment by another chimp tribe led by a male named Scar.”

The Huffington Post also wrote, “The cinematography gives you amazing access to the day-to-day lives of these very human animals. It maybe the most personal and involving nature doc since March of the Penguins.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt receives unusual gift from Jimmy Kimmel

Hewitt appeared to promote her new show, The Client List

Jennifer Love Hewitt made an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night to promote her new show, The Client List but was surprised to find that Kimmel had decided to give her a gift.

While Jennifer Love Hewitt thought she was going on the show to talk about her show, Jimmy Kimmel was more interested in talking about the advertisements for the show. The billboards, featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt wearing a low-cut top, have already been in the news because Jennifer Love Hewitt had originally been given a Photoshop breast-reduction because the actual photograph showed ample amounts of Hewitt’s cleavage. Kimmel called the billboard, “maybe the greatest ad campaign I’ve ever seen for a television show,” and was sad to see the one by his office taken down.

As a way to ease his sadness, Kimmel decided to take a piece of the billboard and give it to Jennifer Love Hewitt as a gift. The piece, however, was only of her breasts. Although Jennifer Love Hewitt was a good sport and handled the situation well, she was definitely a little embarrassed. “It looks like a horror movie [when it’s] blown up like that…they’re like King Kong’s,” said Hewitt. Laughing, she also said, “It looks like a horror movie blown up.”

The Client List airs on Sundays on Lifetime.

Columbine sees its 13th anniversary

Surviving student to make documentary about other survivors and their struggles

The Columbine shooting sees its 13th anniversary this year and although it’s been a long struggle for families of the 13 victims of the massacre, it seems the then-high school students who witnessed the event are still suffering. One of the students who was in the cafeteria of Columbine High School that day, Sam Granillo, has decided to bring the attention away from the shooters and shed some light on those who have kept quiet the last 13 years.

The former Columbine student is now 30 and a film school graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He has worked on commercials, TV shows and films, but has now decided to make the first documentary about Columbine by a student who witnessed it.

Granillo was sitting in the cafeteria of Columbine when the two shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, started on their plan to gun down their peers. ABC news tells a story of how Granillo learned to outsmart his brother when he was younger by wedging his toes at the bottom corner of his bedroom door to keep his brother from chasing after him, “No matter how hard he tried, he could never get into my room.” Granillo used this skill to keep a door without a lock closed, in order to protect himself and 17 other classmates from the massacre happening on the other side. Three hours later, they were rescued by a SWAT team.

Because of the Columbine shooting, Granillo still suffers from nightmares, panic attacks and depression, and he knows he’s not alone. Some of his friends have buried themselves in massive debt trying to pay for counseling because there are seems to be no such thing as affordable mental health services. So, Granillo decided to make a documentary as a way to help his fellow Columbine survivors talk through their experiences.Granillo said on the film websites that the “unofficial thought” for making the documentary was “How to help those still suffering from the mental and physical traumas of the event.” He said, “There’s a change happening. People, up to this point, have avoided even mentioning that they’re from Littleton because they don’t want to even talk about it. Everyone is becoming comfortable with admitting they need help. That’s something that’s really changing. It’s becoming unburied. It’s becoming un-taboo to talk about. Being able to talk about it is the first step.”

However, in order to produce this unique Columbine documentary, Granillo needs at least a quarter of a million dollars. Although he has already started to record interviews and put out short trailers, he has only raised $20,000 for the project. Most of the funds are going to travel, as most of the interviewees live outside of Colorado, and some don’t even live in the States anymore.

Granillo is nervous about making a documentary on such a sensitive subject like the Columbine shooting, even though he was there. “I’m worried I will do something wrong,” he said. “This isn’t about me, it’s about all of us.”

It's 420, man

National Weed day upon us once again

420 is a big day for stoners around the country and though one might think they will lazily be getting high all day, there is a great number who prefer to use 420 as a day to raise awareness about marijuana in hopes that the drug can be legalized and regulated just like alcohol.

420 is also a day where 10,000 students and non-students gather on the Norlin Quadrangle at the University of Colorado-Boulder every year, light up at 4:20, and then leave. A university spokesman Bronson Hilliard said of the event, “We don’t consider this a protest. We consider this people smoking pot in the sunshine. This is a gathering of people engaging in an illegal activity.” The Huffington Post reported that the group doesn’t play music and they don’t cause a ruckus but the University still doesn’t want to be associated with the activity. To combat this years 420 pot gathering, the University is taking measures to deter it from happening, including applying a fish-based fertilizer, which carries a pungent odor, around the quad. A university spokesman said, “This is not about the war on drugs. It isn’t even about marijuana per se. Ten thousand to 12,000 (people) doing anything in the academic heart of the campus would be a problem.”

Where did the term “420” come from? Although there is an urban legend that the police code for marijuana use in-progress was 420, it most likely came from four friends from San Rafael High School in California in 1971. After hearing rumors about an abandoned crop, the friends, known as the Waldos, decided to go search for the crop, agreeing to meet after practice everyday at 4:20, and reminding each other throughout the day about what time to meet. Although they never found the free bud, the friends kept using the term “420” as a code. One friend told the Huffington Post, “I could say to one of my friends, I’d go, 420, and it was telepathic. He would know if I was saying, ‘Hey, do you wanna go smoke some?’ Or, ‘Do you have any?’ Or, ‘Are you stoned right now?’ It was kinda of telepathic just from the way you said it. Our teachers didn’t know what we were talking about. Our parents didn’t’ know what we were talking about.” They four friends have proof, showing a tie-dyed flag with 420 stitched into it that they made in high school, and numerous letters to each other from high school using the 420 reference. Evidence of the 420 code cannot be traced further than 1971.