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Adrianna Velazquez

Adrianna is a 20-year-old college student attending Wayne State University majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Journalism. With a passion for music and photography she spends most of her time at concerts photographing and interviewing musicians. She also enjoys baseball and coffee, lots of it!

Sir Elton John Gets Married

Elton John had a lot to celebrate this holiday season.

The singer-songwriter married long-term partner David Furnish on Sunday in a romantic ceremony with family, friends, and some big name celebrities like Ed Sheeran, David and Victoria Beckham among others in attendance along with their sons Zachary, 3, and Elijah 23 months.

The singer also made sure to keep fans included with regular updates to his Instagram account where he posted photos of the couple making their vows and cutting the cake. One photo included some of the cards and notes the couple received from friends and family including a handwritten note from fellow singer-songwriter Adele who was absent but wrote the couple a heartwarming note that read, “Biggest congratulations my loves. Have a wonderful day. I’m sorry we are not there. See you in 2015. Love Adele, Simon and Angelo. x.”

The ceremony took place at the couple’s Windsor estate where they turned their civil partnership into marriage nine years after entering a civil partnership.

Elton John Gets Married

Elton John had a lot to celebrate this holiday season.

The singer-songwriter married long-term partner David Furnish on Sunday in a romantic ceremony with family, friends, and some big name celebrities like Ed Sheeran, David and Victoria Beckham among others in attendance along with their sons Zachary, 3, and Elijah 23 months.

The singer also made sure to keep fans included with regular updates to his Instagram account where he posted photos of the couple making their vows and cutting the cake. One photo included some of the cards and notes the couple received from friends and family including a handwritten note from fellow singer-songwriter Adele who was absent but wrote the couple a heartwarming note that read, “Biggest congratulations my loves. Have a wonderful day. I’m sorry we are not there. See you in 2015. Love Adele, Simon and Angelo. x.”

The ceremony took place at the couple’s Windsor estate where they turned their civil partnership into marriage nine years after entering a civil partnership.

Top 10 Underrated Songs of 2014

1. “Young Blood” by Bea Miller
X-Factor finalist Bea Miller is the powerhouse vocals behind “Young Blood,” an empowerment anthem that is showcases Miller’s stunning vocals from beginning to end. At just fifteen, Miller proves she has a lot to offer and will surely wow new and old listeners alike in the new year. The young singer-songwriter joined Demi Lovato on a few dates of her world tour this past fall. “Young Blood” has earned rave reviews and is the most underrated song of 2014.

2. “Appreciated” by Rixton
English four-piece pop/R&B band Rixton’s upcoming album “Let the Road” is set to release in 2015 but the band released their song “Appreciated” on YouTube earlier this year and even did a special live performance of it on Vevo sponsored by McDonald’s. However, the best version of the song is the acoustic version the band posted on their YouTube channel. The soulful track produced by Benny Blanco and Ross Golan didn’t see nearly enough recognition this year, but I can only hope that once the band’s upcoming album is released it’ll get the attention it deserves.

3. “Paradise” by Big Sean
Aside from his radio hit, “I Don’t F*ck With You,” which sat well with fans with its catchy chorus, Big Sean focused on substance in his song “Paradise” which will hopefully see its place on the charts.

4. “Do What U Want” by Lady Gaga Ft. Christina Aguilera
It’s been quite awhile since we’ve heard a track this good from Gaga in recent years. With Christina Aguilera lending her vocals on the track in place of R. Kelly’s feature, it’s disappointing this song didn’t get much attention. Perhaps an accompanying music video could have fueled some success. 

5. “Left Hand Free” by Alt-J
Although “Left Hand” wasn’t as much of a commercial hit as was anticipated since the commercial success of the band’s songs “Tessellate” and “Breezeblocks” the song didn’t fail to deliver. In fact, it served well on the charts and peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard’s Alternative Songs.

6. “Octahate” by Ryn Weaver
Ryn Weaver disappeared after releasing this infectious song penned alongside the Fault In Our Stars songstress, Charli XCX. The track which was co-produced by Benny Blanco and Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos received a rave response over the summer and was recently remixed by Cashmere Cat.

7. “I Luh Ya Papi” by Jennifer Lopez Ft. French Montana
This is perhaps J. Lo’s best work we’ve seen in awhile and the accompanying music video is genius to put it simply. The video features the beauty queen sitting on the edge of a bed surrounded by flawless men and champagne bottles, a visual that turns stereotypes upside down.

8. “Say You Love Me” by Jessie Ware
Jessie Ware delivered an impressive sophomore album this year that charted at No. 50 on the Billboard 200. This love-song penned with fellow Brit, Ed Sheeran was a potential slow-jam hit but never did get very far.

9. “My Light” by Mike Posner
A preview from Mike Posner’s forthcoming album “Pages” which was said to release sometime this year but never did actually dropped, “My Light” is an anthem of self-confidence and a testament to being yourself. I can only hope that Mike Posner returns and releases Pages in 2015.

10. “Thanks for Nothing” by Brandyn Burnette
Brandyn Burnette released three impressive mixtapes this year and “Thanks For Nothing” is a stand-out track that is radio friendly. The lyrics turn heartbreak into an upbeat anthem that instantly makes you smile when you’re captivated by its infectious beat. Burnette has honed a formula that captures his immaculate songwriting as well as soulful instrumentals that brings each track alive.

Justin Timberlake Surprises Fans With Garth Brooks Duet in Nashville

Justin Timberlake surprised fans at his show in Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City where he performed an unexpected cover of Garth Brooks’ “Friends In Low Places.”

This past week he attempted the song for a second time and was joined on stage by none other than the man himself at his sold-out show at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. Timberlake began the song as fans sang along before Brooks joined in for the second verse supported by a backup band.

The two sang an extended version of the song which span over six minutes. The show was one of many on Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience World Tour which kicked off in Nov. 2013 and wraps up just after New Year’s.

Brooks on the other hand, released Man Against Machine, his first studio album in over a decade this past November and has been spontaneously announcing concert dates.

Check out a video from the sold-out show and iconic duet at the Bridgestone Arena in Music City here.

REVIEW: YouTube Sensation Vers Drops New Track "Internet Famous" feat. YNIQ

Miami based hip hop/pop artist Vers first started making waves after posting a video to YouTube of him imitating mainstream rappers Drake, Lil Wayne, Ludacris and Eminem that went viral, garnering over 3 million views. What started off as just a fun video highlighted the now 21-year-old’s undeniable talent that has transpired into something bigger than he ever imagined.

Since then, Vers has released music independently that has placed him somewhere between hip hop and pop while trying to find the perfect formula for encompassing his word prowess and impressive vocal range all in one. The recent release of his latest single “Internet Famous” featuring YNIQ which dropped on Christmas Day is a preview of a formula that works.

“Internet Famous” kicks off with a radio friendly beat that leaves you head-bobbing from the start before Vers enters with his matured, melodic vocals as he sings, “Most of these girls is faking, trying to be internet famous. Throw some pictures on their Instagram then complaining afterwards why they ain’t got a man.”

YNIQ enters with a verse towards the end of the track, a flow that leaves a staple on the track followed up with Vers’ melodic vocals that make for a smooth exit.

Not only is a “Internet Famous” a redefining moment for Vers in terms of his matured sound and image overall, but the production of the track is proof that he has a concrete team behind him dedicated to producing hits that won’t settle for anything short of success.

“Internet Famous” is the first song to be released from his highly anticipated EP expect to release in early 2015.

Listen to the track here.

Stay connected by following Vers on Twitter @whoisvers.

Interview: Machine Gun Kelly talks evolution, fan involvement, "fuck fame" and plans for 2015

Cleveland bred rapper, Machine Gun Kelly is someone you either love or hate— it’s that simple. 

Signed to Bad Boy/Interscope Records, the 24-year-old wordsmith who is most known for his hit single “Wild Boy” featuring Waka Flocka. Since his early days, MGK has been on an entirely different wavelenth compared to the competition. In fact, despite his popularity among his fan base, fame is something he wants nothing to do with. 

This past November, MGK celebrated the premiere of his Hollywood film “Beyond the Lights,” a tale about an up-and-coming singer named Noni who struggles with the pressures of stardom. MGK plays Kid Culprit in the film, a rapper and Noni’s bad-boy love interest. He will star in two more films in 2015 in addition to the highly anticipated release of his sophomore album. MGK gave fans a sneak peek of his lead single, “Till I Die” at his Toledo show, a sample of what they can expect in the coming year which he claims is a year that belongs to him and what he claims are “the best fans in the music industry.” 

We caught up with MGK next to a toilet in a back room at his recent show in Toledo, the first of the final four stops that wrap up the No Class Tour which ends in Cleveland on Dec. 21. We talked about his evolution as a songwriter, his continued involvement with his fan base, pressures as a 24-year-old and more. 

Adrianna Velazquez: So this is the first of four shows in Ohio to close out the tour, how excited are you?
Machine Gun Kelly:  I’m so fucking happy. This is what every artist does music for— well, the real ones anyway. The real ones do it because they want to come back home and see their home be proud. It’s like if you win a championship, that’s kind of how I feel. I’ve been playing all year at these away games and I’m ready to come home and slam fucking dunk.

AV: Do you have anything special planned for Cleveland, your final show?
MGK: Aside from a priceless vibe— you know when you can look at an artist when he goes on stage and you can tell he wants to be here, he looks so happy. Other than that— nah, I don’t want anyone to go and expect anything else other than good music and just to be able to feel that feeling and that’s a priceless feeling. I love my city so much that it bleeds out and you’re not going to have a choice but to smile with me when I step on stage. You’re going to be so proud. I haven’t performed in Cleveland— outside of the festival we do every year— but I haven’t performed there since my album release.

AV: So you moved around a lot as a kid, in what ways do you find that Cleveland is more of a home compared to other places you’ve lived?
MGK: Well, the years that I was becoming a man were spent in Cleveland, like the important years. The years that I spent there, those are the years that you get your first job, you get in your first fight— well, I got into my first fight way before that. -laughs- That was a pivotal era of my life determining what kind of man I was going to be.

AV: And where did you develop your stage name, Machine Gun Kelly?
MGK: A homie gave it to me because I used to rap fast as fuck.

AV: You’ve undoubtedly become an idol for a lot of people.
MGK: Thank you.
AV: Do you feel that it makes you more conscious about your work?
MGK: Very much so. You can’t be corny or come out with anything corny when someone has your face tattooed on your body which is a lot of people.
Danyyil Nosovskiy: How do you feel when people do stuff like that?
MGK: I feel honored, but the pressure is insane especially when I’m such a young artist and I have so much room for error. But it’s so cool because that’s the most punk-rock part of it all is that we don’t know what the fuck is gonna happen and like— if I’m the person that we all think I am, I’m gonna be any adversity and go through and overcome whatever stereotype or bullshit is being said about me and that I’m going to be the reason that they got that on their body will all make sense in the end. Hopefully, 50 years from now hopefully we’ll be talking about this shit like our generation talks about Aerosmith or something like that.
DN: What’s the most memorable fan tattoo that you remember?
MGK: Obviously the first Lace Up tattoo was mind blowing. I’m still friends with that person til this day. First time I saw my face on somebody’s leg, that was extremely crazy. Seeing my name tattooed over heroin track marks or seeing my name— my signature, excuse me— tattooed over cuts on a wrist, vertical cuts, all that…like suicide attempts, it’s like…”Holy shit.”
DN: You’re saving lives.
MGK: Yeah, man. It’s just so much bigger than what we thought, like the reason behind it all is broader than we had thought originally or anticipated it ever being.

MGK: Can you take a picture of this interview in this bathroom, please? -gives disposable camera to security guard standing near the door-

AV: Speaking of that, Lace Up was the name of your album but it developed into a culture brand almost. So what does it mean to you and how would you describe it to anyone who has never been introduced to your music or is the first time being introduced to your music and your following?
MGK: Then I wouldn’t even tell them what it is. I feel like they’d have to discover it on their own. That’s the beauty of it all is that it’s not commercialized or made out to be this thing that I want people to accept. You know? I’m just like, if you like it— if you get it, rather, then you get it.

AV: So then in that sense, it’s almost like it’s self-developed right? For every person it’s different.
MGK: It is self-developed. For every person it’s different and it’s not ever meant to be in the hands of like the Bill Gates or you know, like the Apple Marketing team. It’s not meant to be that. It’s not like a brand— I mean it became a brand in a cool way but it’s like a brand that the people fucking know. I don’t ever want to force that shit.

AV: Right. In what ways do you think you’ve developed as a writer between Lace Up and Black Flag?
MGK: I think I got better about putting my story on paper and it was less about— I think it was more specific; you could tell a little bit more about my life than I was telling in the last one. That’s what’s cool about this next album coming up is a lot more detail and just realizing that I left a lot of parts of the story out so I’m coming in and making it very clear to everybody. I’m just kind of filling in the voice that if you have a question about where exactly in Cleveland was this going on at, I lay it out there and I show it. I didn’t really answer your last question, I’m sorry.

AV: No, it’s okay. I understand. But in that sense do you think that a clearer story line comes from you developing both professionally and personally? In the sense that you feel more comfortable in front of everyone? Like I guess being more vulnerable to share more details?
MGK: Yeah, but I’m also starting to see there’s a gift and a curse with the fan base I created because a lot of people don’t understand that when you come up to me and tell me that you’re 300 days sober from heroin or that your best friend just died and this concert is the best thing that’s happened to you and all that, it’s hard to comprehend but that puts so much weight on you and when it happens everyday… -cont’d-

You can listen to the rest of our exclusive interview with MGK below.


Interview: Yelawolf talks working with Eminem, "Love Story" album, fuzzy slippers and more

Alabama-born rapper, Yelawolf first started turning heads with a mixtape before signing to Shady Records and releasing his solo debut album “Radioactive” in 2011.

It’s hard to dub Yelawolf under Southern rap with his unique blend of impressive vocals, rap verses and instrumentals that sample steel guitars and hip hop beats making it evident that he belongs under another umbrella all together. The tatted-up songwriter has a word prowess and flow he’s honed over the years that should make anyone who encounters his work stop, rewind and listen again.

With features on Eminem’s new two-disc compilation album, Shady XV and a tour that’s sold out more shows than not, Yelawolf is on his way to an exciting year to come. In fact, he’s preparing for the release of his second studio album, Love Story that is what he calls the best representation of his true artistry and a reflection of his passions.

We caught up with Yelawolf at his show in Detroit where we talked about his latest single, “Til It’s Gone,” working with Eminem, his upcoming album, Love Story and more.

CN: You have a couple features on the new Shady album. How did it feel to work with Eminem on the project?
Yelawolf: I mean, it’s cool. The one record that we did work on together was the one with Skylar. He called me and basically asked me to narrate it with a verse, it was a lot of pressure. It was a challenge, honestly. The other records, “Pop the Trunk,” “Going Down,” “Let’s Roll” I think is on there, it’s just a compilation of kind of the brief history. The record we got to get down and get creative on, “Psychopath” was a fun one to write. I just did the best I could do with my style and try to make a good song.

CN: What about “Til It’s Gone?”
Yelawolf: “Til It’s Gone” is a love story cut. It started with guitars, I just took the guitar loop and took it out to the truck and wrote it. It’s probably the fastest record I ever wrote. It probably took about an hour and a half to write that at most.

CN: Who would you say are some of your musical influences? Especially being from Alabama then making your way to Nashville and being immersed in Hip Hop.
Yelawolf: There’s just so many, it depends on what genre. I have influences in hip hop, I have influences in rock, country so it just depends. I’ve always been swimming in music, it’s been in my house, in my life. My mom’s first boyfriend was doing lights and sound for Ted Nugent and Alice Cooper, Fleetwood Mac. Her next long term husband was the tour manager for Randy Travis so there was the country music side. So I was always around it, a lot of music. Hip Hop was something I was getting from skateboarding and being on the street. The other music was just always in my household.

CN: So then at what point did you decide to pursue it as a career?
Yelawolf: I decided in 2000 that it was something that I needed to do seriously and stop fucking around. It took me until late ‘06 to really hone a style that was going to work for me. It took time to figure out— anyone can rap, that’s the honest truth. It’s not hard to rap. I guess it’s hard to be skillful, but it’s not hard to rap. It’s the story of the person and who they are and their style and how does what they say match up to where they’re from. It’s the whole thing. It was important me to create something authentic. I’m still doing it, still getting sharper and still figuring it out; Love Story is the closest I’ve gotten for sure.

CN: With that said, do you feel that it’s important to be invested in the songwriting aspect?
Yelawolf: Yeah, I mean for me. I can’t speak for other people, but for me it is. I’m a melody driven songwriter. Writing rap verses is just fun, it isn’t even a challenge. It’s writing a song conceptually from front to back, that’s what’s up.

CN: You’ve worked with an array of different artists, who else would you like to work with?
Yelawolf: I don’t know. I used to have this big bucket list of people I’d like to work with, now I’ve been taking it one day at a time, one record at a time. I’ve had my sights on Anthony Kiedis for a long time but I don’t know if that’ll ever happen. I’ve been saying that for a long time, I just think he’s one of the best rappers ever who ever lived and no one really knows. He’s really one of the best rappers ever, he’s incredible. People don’t even consider him to be a rapper but he does. He, plainly to me, raps and an amazing singer too. If I could get Anthony Kiedis over some 808’s that’d be the move. Or anything for that matter, anything he wanted to do.

CN: You mentioned your new album, you’ve evolved as a songwriter. Are there any collaborations and what can people expect?
Yelawolf: As far as collaborations go, I wasn’t thinking like that on this album. My last album, Radioactive, I just learned a lot. Love Story is just something that I wanted to handle and if there was a feature to come around it would be something so necessary and organic and cool, the right thing, you know? There will be features but they were all very hand selected. No features from popular rappers or whatever just for whatever reason.

CN: What inspired the title for the album?
Yelawolf: Love Story is about passion. It’s about the passion for everything that I do. Loving a writing story is about being alive, the album itself is a testament to continue otherwise I would have hung it up, quit when I hit hard times. But Love Story is a fucking love letter to music, to my life, to celebrate growth and evolution.

CN: What would you say is the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome personally or professionally since the start of your career?
Yelawolf: Just fucking people changing. People that you’ve known forever just aren’t the same anymore. Fame is like a sickness to some people, makes them act weird. I don’t understand but that’s been the most difficult thing to deal with..watching a group of friends really shrink down to 3 or 4 people that are cool and don’t act different just because of who I am now.

CN: What would you say is your greatest achievement?
Yelawolf: Greatest achievement? My children for sure.

CN: What’s the idea behind Slumerican?
Yelawolf: Slumerican is a culture brand. It could be car builders, people who build helicopters, tattoo artists, photographers, skateboarders. Slumerican is for anyone who understands it.

CN: And finally, what are you plans going into the new year?
Yelawolf: Put on some fucking furry slippers, light an expensive cigar and sit in my crib in Nashville and kick it with my kids and spend some of the money we made on this tour.

Sam Hunt Embarks On the Lipstick Graffiti Tour

Following the release of his defining and somewhat controversial debut album, Montevallo, Sam Hunt recently announced that he will be setting out on his 2015 Lipstick Graffiti tour.

The tour will kick off on Jan. 29 in West Hollywood, California and will run through mid-April, making stops in Denver, Chicago and Boston along the way.

The tour comes after the successful release of his debut album, Montevallo which garnered the chart-topping single, “Leave the Night On” which has since been followed up by his latest single “Take Your Time.”

Supporting Hunt on the Lipstick Graffiti Tour are Native Run and Michael Ray.

Originally a football player from the University of Alabama, Hunt first got his start in music when he learned to play Kenny Chesney’s, “What I Need to Do” on guitar. Hunt has a southern approach to music but his liking for R&B and hip-hop heavily influence his original work and throw him into the heated controversy of the future of country music.

For more information regarding tickets for the Lipstick Graffiti Tour click here.

Check out the official music video for “Leave the Night On” here.

Sam Hunt’s Lipstick Graffiti Tour Dates
January 29 – West Hollywood, California
January 30 – Anaheim, California
February 5 – Dallas
February 7 – Jackson, Mississippi
February 11 – New York City
February 12 – Boston
February 13 – Burlington, Vermont
February 14 – Silver Spring, Maryland
February 19 – Knoxville, Tennessee
February 20 – North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
February 21 – Charleston, South Carolina
March 12 – Columbus, Ohio
March 13 – Grand Rapids, Michigan
March 14 – Chicago
March 20 – Lincoln, Nebraska
March 21 – Denver
April 2 – Fayetteville, Arkansas
April 3 – Columbia, Missouri
April 4 – Milwaukee

Jake Owen Extends Beyond His Comfort Zone In Latest Single "What We Ain't Got"

Most known for his party-like anthems “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” and “Beachin’,” Jake Owen is straying from his beachy-vibe anthems of good times and cold beers with his latest single, “What We Ain’t Got.”

The song is a heartfelt ballad that is emotional and shows a side of Owen that we don’t see often in his beach-inspired hits.

The track is accompanied by a heart-tugging video directed by Mason Dixon who strived to push Owen to new boundaries by making the video real-to-life.

“This song is such a special song and an important song in my career. It’s really hard sometimes to create a visual depiction of something that’s so well written as a song, and I’ve never made a video for a serious song before. It was a lot harder to work on than others,” Owen told ETonline.

Dixon helped him do just that— reach beyond his comfort zone in order to create the emotional fitting video that shadows real people facing real issues in real time.

“The people in the video are real characters and once you listen to the lyrics and the video together, you’ll see it’s very real,” explained Owen.

According to Owen, it’s easy to make fun party anthem beach hits but his newest single, “What We Ain’t Got” is different. It’s real life. It’s about real people going through real problems and it’s showing them in those raw moments.

“This relates to people going through a whole lot of things in their life and I was eager to try and be the messenger of this song,” explained Owen.

The track certainly strays away from his traditional beach-inspired songs but it showcases his depth and versatility as an artist as well as his courage to give in and try something new.

Check out the emotional fitting video for Owen’s latest single “What We Ain’t Got” here.

Chris Brown and Trey Songz Announce Between the Sheets Tour

Following months of teasing and the release of his fifth studio album, X, Chris Brown announced that he will be hitting the road in 2015 as he and Trey Songz embark on their Between the Sheets Tour.

The two will be joined by fellow rapper, Tyga on the 25-date tour. The Between the Sheets Tour kicks off on Jan. 28 in Hampton, Va and will make its way to Brooklyn,Philadelphia, Detroit among others before wrapping up in Los Angeles on March 8.

The announcement came as a surprise to fans at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd where Breezy and Trigga hosted a live-streamed event that included a three-song performance and Q&A prior to announcing the tour.

The Between the Sheets Tour comes 10 years since the two will first toured together on a college tour and the first for Breezy who last toured in 2012 on his Carpe Diem Tour.

Fans can expect the two R&B singers to perform their classic hits in addition to giving lively performances of new songs from their latest albums, X and Trigga.

For tickets and more information click here.