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5 Snack Options Better Than Saltine Crackers

Adrianna Velazquez

A few nights ago I was up late working and wanted a snack, but when I went to grab something I realized there wasn’t much– in fact, there wasn’t anything to choose from.

Usually, I’m stocked up on Cheez-its and while they may not be the best snack option, they certainly aren’t the worst.

Disappointed that I didn’t have any Cheez-its, I was down to one option: saltine crackers. After eating one, I wasn’t sure why I ever bought them to begin with.

After waking up the next day I decided to go through the kitchen to see what I could find that would be better than ever resorting to those saltine crackers ever again.

Here’s what I found

I’m not sure about anyone else but I feel like apples are just a typical household product that everyone’s mom buys to fulfill that constant attempt of “trying to eat healthy.” We always have apples in my house, but how often do I actually pick one up and eat it? Never. However, cutting up one of those apples and dipping slices in a tablespoon of peanut butter sounds much better. Not only is better than those dry, tasteless saltine crackers but it’s a healthy and tasty option, and the protein from the peanut butter is just a plus.

What’s nice about yogurt 9other than it’s something we always have in my house) is that you can do this simple snack up in many different ways. Yogurt goes well with fresh fruit and you can even give it that crunch you long for by adding a little bit of granola. It’s also another healthier option than those potato chips you catch yourself eyeballing.

Simple right? It’s even better when topped with protein (peanut butter) and personally, I like to mix a little bit of honey into the peanut butter before spreading it on and then I add a few banana slices to top it off. It’s not only crunch and sweet, but you get your carbs, protein and potassium all in one.

While tuna doesn’t sound appealing to a lot of people, you can turn it into something tasty in just 5 minutes. Try adding 1 ½ tablespoons of light mayonnaise, pepper to taste and just a dash of mustard or dill relish. This goes along great with celery sticks or topped on a piece of toast.

I tend to always overlook that fact that it doesn’t take many ingredients to make a tasty and very healthy smoothie, ingredients most of us have in our kitchen that we wouldn’t otherwise think of eating. So why not blend them all together for a tasty drink? Try adding spinach, two kiwi slices, ¼ cup lemonade and a piece of mango blended with ice and a scoop of water for a tasty and refreshing drink.

With easy-to-make options like these, I’ll never resort to those saltine crackers ever again, and even though Cheez-its aren’t the worst snack option, here are some even better options I’ll be trying instead.

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