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EDM DJ Dillon Francis Says Money Sucks, Friends Rule

Los Angeles-based DJ Dillon Francis is undoubtedly one of the hottest EDM DJs in the industry right now and his highly anticipated debut album, Money Sucks, Friends Rule released this week on Columbia Records.

The 12-track album is a compilation of club bangers, and a handful of his signature moombahton tracks, making it a record that is unlike like any other collection.

Francis turned to Martin Garrix, DJ Snake, Twista and Major Lazer for collaborations that came together naturally, according to Francis.

“I went to Martin’s house before he put out ‘Animals,’ he still had only like 10,000 Twitter followers, and we were just hanging out with his parents,” Francis told Billboard. “It was awesome because he seemed just like me and he’s an amazing producer.”

Each track on the album is distinctively different than the next. “All That” is a club banger while “When We Were Young” serves as a melodic anthem that leads into “Set Me Free.”

The stylistic differences between each track can be attributed to his producing style. According to Francis, getting in the studio is very ADD and can actually drive people crazy when it comes to collaborations.

“DJ Snake hates getting into the studio with me, because it is very ADD when I listen to sounds or try to find patches I want to use and  mess with,” said Francis. “I like working by myself because I am insane in how I listen to things really fast and work so much faster than a lot of people.”

Be sure to check out the album, Money Sucks, Friends Rule and check Dillon Francis on his current tour. Tour dates and ticket information can be found here.

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