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Aretha Franklin cancels two shows due to poor health

Corey Demaline

The "Queen of Soul" must undergo treatment

Janelle Monae takes the spotlight in Chicago

Legendary diva and “Queen of Soul,” Aretha Franklin, recently canceled two upcoming shows (Chicago and Connecticut) under doctor recommendations. According to the latest reports, the inspiring vocalist has been under the weather for some time. A news report said Franklin will need treatment during the time both shows are scheduled.

The release did not mention what kind of treatment Franklin would be undergoing and her publicist did not immediately comment on the matter when asked details.

Originally, Franklin was to perform at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Corporate Night fundraiser. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra commented, saying, “Franklin canceled her performance due to a “doctor’s recommendation for treatment during the time frame of May 20 and 26.” Due to the cancellation, Janelle Monae will be performing in place of Aretha Franklin.

This isn’t the first occurrence of Franklin needing medical attention. In 2010, she took a break from the stage due to poor health. She told Access Hollywood the pain was “so hard it almost brought me to my knees.”

Fortunately, Franklin’s upcoming shows are still in tact for two scheduled in Canada and one in Michigan in June.

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