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Alex Rodriguez dealing with PED scandal is unoriginal

Reka Forgach

Alex Rodriguez is in a tight spot with tough Yankees fans

Alex Rodriguez, all-star baseball player on his way to the top, is pretty much on hiw way to the very bottom due to a suicidal cocktail of bad decisions that finds the Yankees looking for a fast way to void his contract.  Alex Rodriquez’s latest scandal once again deals in red letter allegations that he purchased performance-enhancing drugs from a Miami based anti-aging clinic.  The baseball player, while great, has most handily beat the record for highest paid athlete; the third baseman earns a yearly $30,000,000, that is $6 million higher than the second-highest paid player.

To be honest, the Yankees probably can’t get out of their contract, but Alex Rodriguez should wake up and smell the coffee—his shenanigans are being taken very seriously.  Alex Rodriguez’s and his publisher have both denied the most recent allegations, but noone is fooled.  Apparently, Rodriquez’s name was found in the client list of an anti-aging clinic, where he is alleged to have been seen and advised by a Dr. Bosch.  A-roid issued a statement through his publicist, saying “The news report about a purported relationship between Alex Rodriguez and Anthony Bosch are not true.  He was not Mr. Bosch’s patient, he was never treated by him and he was never advised by him.  The purported documents referenced in the story – at least as they relate to Alex Rodriguez – are not legitimate.” Rodriguez denies using any steroids after 2003, the end of a three year stint of PED usage by the player.

The other problem Alex Rodriguez faces in regards to his own popularity, is how little people like him, and how little Yankees fans like anyone except an outright star.  He is no Derek Jeter, he is overpaid, he flaunts models and exotic dancers on his arm, and hits on women from the dugout.  He costs a pretty penny for such a rowdy child.  None of these factors will help the player as he starts cracking the very thin ice he finds himself on.  Alex Rodriguez is no stranger to bench warming before, having spent a half season off field due to injury and costing him over $6 million, and this latest development may see him on the sidelines for the whole season.  And can we talk about unoriginality? PEDs is such old news this month after Lance and Ray Lewis have already hit the headlines.

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