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Amazon announces new Kindle Paperwhite

Kelly Bradley

Amazon chief executive, Jeff Bezos

Amazon announced a new device called the Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon has revealed a revamped version of its Kindle e-reader lineup called the Kindle Paperwhite. The new device allows a front-lit, higher-resolution screen that helps make text easier to read. It includes 62 percent more pixels than previous Kindles and has promised for 25 percent more contrast for whiter whites and blacker blacks.

The Paperwhite also allows users to change the font and style of the text to fit their specific needs. It comes in at 9.1mm thick and 7.5 ounces. According to Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos, it’s “thinner than a magazine; lighter than a paperback.”

The brightness of the screen shouldn’t affect the battery life seeing as the Kindle Paperwhite can still get eight weeks of battery life, even with the light on. The brightness of the screen is adjustable.

Similar to the Kindle Fire, the device allows the user to swipe through content or to switch to the cloud mode. There is also a feature called a “time to read.” This tracks your average reading speed and uses that number to predict how much longer it will take you to finish a chapter or book.

However, the e-reader will no longer be supporting audio and are doing away with audio book support to save money. This would require hardware and MP3 patent licenses.

The Kindle Paperwhite will cost $119 and start shipping on October 1. A version with 3G cellular access will cost a bit more at $179.

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