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A Hillary Duff cigarette?

Elif Geris

Fans cry out after seeing a photo of Hillary Duff holding a cigarette

Fans cry out after seeing a photo of Hillary Duff holding a cigarette

A photo of Disney Channel sensation Hillary Duff shows the new mother holding a cigarette. Fans were disappointed as the photo of the Hillary Duff cigarette could ruin Duff’s unblemished image. But, Hilary Duff allegedly was only holding the “Hillary Duff cigarette” for a friend.

After giving birth to son, Luca, Duff has not had much chance to venture for a night out. And when this Hillary Duff cigarette photo of a rare night was released, while some are giving Duff the benefit of the doubt, fans’ faith in Hilary Duff dropped.

On the Hillary Duff cigarette, Jenni Maier, editor-in-chief of Crushable wrote, “This photo of Hilary Duff…makes me want to crawl into a crib with her new adorable baby son Luca and just cry.”

Maier voiced her opinion on Hilary Duff’s parenting skills, adding, “It’s just so upsetting. You think you know someone. You think you devote a large part of your middle school years watching their TV show. And then they go and do this. Smoke a cigarette despite the dangers third-hand smoke poses to a baby.”

After hearing and reading about what is dubbed the Hillary Duff cigarette, the 24-year-old star tweeted, “Yikes me holding a cigarette for my friend might have been a bad idea! pretty bummed about the photo.. Sorry guys, looks worst than it is! [sic]”

The Inquisitr contributor Dan Evon wrote that Hillary Duff became famous through her leading role on Lizzie McGuire, adding that, “most of her fans probably have a tough time realizing that Duff is now 24 and a mother.”


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