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8th Annual Peace on Earth Film Festival Returns to Chicago

Mike Gregory

8th Installment of Peace on Earth Film Festival Returns to Chicago

         From Thursday, March 19th through Sunday, March 22nd, at the Chicago Cultural Center’s Claudia Cassidy Theater, 78 East Washington, the 8th annual Peace on Earth Film Festival will be taking place. All of the screenings will be free and open to the public. No reservations are necessary and additionally, individual screening dates and times for the films will be announced in the coming weeks.

        Non-violence, tolerance and sustainability are the theme for this year’s 8th annual Peace on Earth Film Festival. Presented by Transcendence Global Media, NFP, in partnership with the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special events, the POEFF will showcase a captivating exploration of film in the areas of nonviolence, tolerance and social justice, complete with corresponding panels and filmmaker Q&A’s.

        Of the festival’s 142 film entries, only 41 films were selected for viewing this year. One of the many, great purposes of the Peace on Earth Film Festival, is to present films that are often challenged when it comes to finding exhibition. Many times, the creators of these films have to take a leap of faith in regards to creating films that not only promote peace, but create films that reflect the filmmaker’s own advocacy and their dedication to the cause within the film.

        Last year, audiences of all backgrounds and ages came together at the POEFF to watch dozens of World/US and Midwest/Chicago film premieres, including dress, directed by Henry Ian Cusick of the TV series Lost.  Additional filmmakers who were there to receive their awards included John Marks, whose Under The Same Sun  won Best Feature Narrative, and Illinois resident Edgar Barens, who won Best Documentary Short at the 2014 Peace On Earth Film Festival for Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall, before it went on to win the Oscar the following month.

        The 2015 POEFF features promise to be just as compelling including the Chicago premiere of J Street: The Art of the Possible, an intense, political story, told with the intimacy of cinematic variety that takes film viewers to high-level, strategy meetings and long nights on the road in a captivating glimpse at the role that lobbyists play in the American political process. Also, the powerful documentary Beyond the Divide, follows a Vietnam Veteran and a peace advocate in Missoula, Montana as they try and mend the decades of animosity left behind by the Vietnam War.

        Begun in 2008, the POEFF is an annual event that sheds light on filmmakers’, and their challenging perspectives regarding real-world issues such as human rights, neighborhood violence, domestic violence, bullying, war, world politics, environment, economics and more. The Peace on Earth Film Festival’s aim is to put Chicago at the forefront of international efforts for peace and environmental recoveries, all while bringing together filmmakers, academics and social activists in discussion panels and educational components.

        To learn more about this exciting event, visit or go to their Facebook page

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