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7th Billionth Baby Born Brings Population to New Record

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Danica May Camacho brings world’s population to 7 billion.

The world’s seventh billionth baby was born on Monday and celebrations across the world have started.
Danica May Camacho, born in the Philippines, was born just before midnight on Sunday. She is the second child of parents Camille Dalura and Florante Camacho and instantly became the center of the media’s attention.

The U.N brought a cake and other gifts such as a scholarship and financial means for the parents to start a general store arrived after Danica’s birth.

Also present at the birth was the Philippines own sixth billionth baby, who is now 12 year old, Lorrize Mae Guevarra. The Philippines declared her historical birth back in 1999.

Guevarra said, “I am very happy to see this cute baby. I hope like me she will grow up to become healthy and well loved by everyone.”

The UN named a child from Bosnia, Adnan Mevic, as the sixth billionth baby in 1999. Mevic’s family now lives in poverty leading to why no single baby will be put in the global spotlight this time.

Current UN chief Ban Ki-moon is more concerned with the baby being born in “a world of contradiction.” In an interview with Time Magazine, he comments on how a billion people still go to bed hungry, while some people enjoy the life of luxury.
He told a school of New York students, “This is not a story about numbers. This is a story about people.”
“Seven billion people who need enough food. Enough energy. Good opportunities in life for jobs and education. Rights and freedoms. The freedom to speak. The freedom to raise their own children in peace and security.”
The UN estimates that by with the current rate of speed, the population will be 10 billion by 2100.
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