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22 Year-Old Wins Survivor: South Pacific

Danielle Olipra

Med student takes 23rd season of reality series

The CBS reality phenomenon Survivor recently crowned a 22 year-old med student from Willsboro, N.Y. the winner of the show’s 23rd season, says CBS News.  Sophie Clarke outlasted a cast including 39-year-old “Survivor” veteran Benjamin “Coach” Wade and 26-year-old high school baseball coach Albert Destrade, and took home the million dollar prize.

The jury made up of nine former players granted Clarke six votes, while Wade received three votes and Destrade earned no votes.  On the reunion special, Clarke said, “I had a feeling, but you never know.”

Clarke earned her place among the final three contestants through an alliance and winning three individual immunity challenges, including the final physical competition.  By winning that competition, she ousted 30-year-old “Survivor” veteran Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth from the 39-day survival contest.  Lusth later said, “I knew the only one that could beat me at a challenge – no offense, guys – was Sophie.”

At the end of the finale, the show’s host Jeff Probst announced that the 24th season would be titled “Survivor: One World.”  The season will feature two tribes competing against each other while living together on the same island. “One World” is set to premiere in February.

Read more about Clarke’s victory here.

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