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Zombie Prom 2014 is Coming

To all of the lovers of the undead and the macabre, here it is!  The Zombie Prom 2014 in Chicago is here to make all your little Tim Burton nightmares come true.  This is the 6th annual Zombie Prom, put on by Zombie Army Productions.  You can check out more information at www.zombiepromchicago.com; they have videos, apparel and of course tickets!

This year the Prom is going to be held at Bottom Lounge, located at 1375 W. Lake St. in Chicago on June 20th at 9pm.  Before you wonder, yes there is booze, if you’re 21 or older.  You can get your tickets from the website and yes zombie makeup and attire are required folks, but don’t worry if you can’t do your own make-up.  The Zombie Prom has artists on site that will gladly do it for you for a small donation of $10.

What prom would be complete without a king and queen?  Yes, they will be crowning a zombie king and queen for the night.  There will also be prizes given out by some of the sponsors of the event including Q101 and Riot Fest and many more.  There will be live music at the event with Wedding Banned who was voted the best dance band in Chicago by Chicago Rocker Magazine.

Go check out the website at www.zombiepromchicago.com and get your tickets and don’t forget that they also offer package deals.  If you were the type of person who just wanted to go to the Senior Prom after-parties, this is the prom for you!

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