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Cydia Sources top 2013 apps

Reka Forgach

Cydia Sources list for the modern day pirate

Hackers and the jailbreak community hail a new year with Cydia Source’s latest

Cydia Sources is a must-have for any miser or hacktivist hopeful looking to jailbreak their iPhone and join a flourishing community of jailbreakers in the cyberworld.  Cydia itself is a software application for iOS (that is anything i-related, including iPhones, iPads, iEtc) that enables jailbroken phones to find and install software packages.  Cydia Sources is a digital distribution platform that provides Cydia users with apps, games, HD themes, ringtones and other tricks and goodies for their procured electronics.

Cydia Sources releases a list of its 10 most popular or must-have apps, and 2013’s top dogs offer no shortage of ways to procure apps, games, ringtones and more for free, not to mention packages that allow you to hack deeply into your phone to modify, tweak and change hidden settings.  At this point the whole Cydia Sources website got real deep and “gray area,” so I advise only the brave hacktivists to travel far into the murky legalities and dangers of the Cydia scene., xSellize, iHacks, Hack your iPhone and BiteYourApple all return to the Cydia Sources top 10 this year.  Their strengths include multi-faceted uses including procuring the good stuff as well as cutting deep into your technology, consistent and frequent package updates, and packages specifically geared towards gamers or packages that help you sort through all the other packages offered.  The last are like a vortex in a dream in a vortex in an endless spiral of mind numbing possibility.

Cydia and its partner platform Cydia Sources is so popular, that within the first few minutes of releasing the latest version, 100,000 downloads caused the website to crash.  Hackers are no slow group to mess with, but the speedy recovery by the site is the kind of techie troubleshoot every business should be looking for.

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