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YouTube Channel, Give Back Films, donates $500 tip to Utah hotel cleaner

The Give Back Films video has already received more than 600,000 views

Kyle Oreffice and Brigham Young University student Josh Gibson, the faces behind the Give Back Films YouTube channel, continued their acts of kindness this weekend with a $500 tip for a hotel cleaner in Park City, Utah.

Oreffice and Gibson launched their philanthropic channel in November 2013 to promote service and helping one another. With 10 additional clips that include paying for others’ drive-thru meals and generously tipping hair stylists, the channel has generated more than 250,000 subscribers and 9 million total video views.

In the latest viral video, the duo placed $20 bills beneath bed sheets the employee was scheduled to clean with a note that read “This is a tip! Enjoy!”

When the woman discovered the cash, the strategically positioned cameras and microphones found her tearfully speechless.

After Kyle Oreffice and Josh Gibson explained their deed, the woman attempted to return the tip. But the hotel manager insisted she keep it for such good work to date.

The video, entitled “Tipping a Hotel Cleaner $500,” has already received close to 650,000 views. Give Back Films’ most popular film, which has received 3.3 million views, shows the pair donating $100 to homeless individuals.

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