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Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional Dies

Danielle Olipra

Bill Gates offered to aid Karim's family with medical expenses.

Arfa Karim was 16 years old

16-year-old computer prodigy, and Microsoft’s youngest certified professional, passed away this weekend.  Arfa Karim had been in a coma since late December, when she endured an epileptic seizure and cardiac arrest.  She died when a tracheotomy complication caused bleeding in her throat, says The Huffington Post.

Karim’s Uncle said “We are grieving her loss but she was a strong child.  She was God’s gift to us and now she has returned to Him.”

Native to Pakistan, Karim became interested in technology when her father bought her a computer to e-mail with.  She then became the youngest Microsoft certified professional in 2005 when she was just nine years old. 

After receiving the MCP title, Karim was invited to visit Microsoft’s campus located in Redmond, Washington when she was 10 years old. During the visit she toured Microsoft’s labs and met with executives, including a meeting with Bill Gates.

Read more about Arfa Karim here.

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