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Large Python Found and Killed because of its Choice in Dinner

The snake was found with an adult deer in stomach In FL.

A 16 foot long python was captured in Southern Florida after workers from South Florida Water Management District discovered that it had eaten a whole adult deer.

The specialist, Skip Snow, who conducted the autopsy found that the deer had a girth of 44 inches and was nearly 25 pounds. He assures that this is an extreme case and goes into detail about how the python might have captured this deer.
“The python – an ambush predator – would have staked out a known deer trail, seized the animal in its sharp teeth, crushed it by coiling around it and then eaten the corpse, Snow said.”

Scott Hardin, exotic species coordinator for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has stated that this is the largest one found in Southern Florida.
The capture of this snake is in an attempt to help with the problem of Burmese snakes that the area has.

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