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Young Company Joins the Fight against Childhood Hunger

Editorial Staff

Stowe, Vermont – Healthy College Snacks recently announced its campaign to fight childhood hunger in America.  With nearly 1 in 5 children in the U.S. in a food-insecure situation, the company stated it will donate 3 meals for each box it ships, or a full day of meals, to help feed hungry children across the country. To kick off the program Healthy College Snacks is donating 1,000 meals to a local food bank.  

“It is important to realize the position we are in versus that of so many children in this country” says Bart Newhouse, the company’s co-founder.  “It is essential for all children, and students of every age, to have the nutrition they need to learn in school and develop mentally and physically. A 6-year-old shouldn’t have to worry about where his/her next meal will come from.  We admit we might not change the world but over time we hope we can make the lives of a lot of children a little better.”   

Healthy College Snacks is the first company catering to the needs of students by providing large boxes of healthy snacks on a monthly basis. The company provides boxes of tasty, handpicked snacks to college and boarding school students around the country on a monthly basis throughout the school year, or one at a time.  “We are less about sampling and more about having a stash of good snacks on-hand” describes Newhouse.  For each box, the company also donates back to the school to which it ships to “help support all the good the schools do”.

Why Healthy College Snacks? We’ve done the all-nighters, the “jump out of bed and run to class without breakfast”, the “skip dinner because there isn’t enough time to study for tomorrow’s exam”, the “sugar puff frosted smack loops and Red Bull for lunch”, the Top Ramen-a-thon, and just about anything else you can think of. While it’s all part of the experience, it is nice to have some healthier things nearby to grab at 3:00am while banging out page 10 out of 20…due five hours later, or a cereal bar to eat on the way to class; just stuff to kind of balance out the sodium, preservatives and sugar in-take. We all know that healthier food = healthier body = healthier mind and more energy, but we want to make it as convenient as possible. Plus, getting that package full of food every month feels pretty darn good.

With Healthy College Snacks we are dedicated to giving your students, and mine, a healthier alternative compared with much of what they have available on and around campus. We know healthier food allows for a healthier body, healthier mind and more energy in our lives.

“The idea is healthiER foods”, Newhouse emphasizes.  “We don’t want tasteless-for-the-sake-of-healthy because many wouldn’t eat the snacks. Low-sodium, low-sugar, organic, gluten-free, preservative-free, that kind of thing, it all adds up over time.”  The company does offer organic, gluten-free and one-time boxes for those who don’t wish to sign up for a subscription. 

Healthy College Snacks ( was founded to fill a need and desire amongst college students to have healthier snacks around when they needed them, and make it a little easier for parents to send food care packages to their kids.  As any student would tell you, they LOVE getting packages.  The involuntary smile and warm feeling they get when they open that box is like nothing else. 

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