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You Can Legally Download Free Music and eBooks on a Website Called NoiseTrade

Carlo Mantuano

Let’s face it; nobody pays for music on the Internet anymore. Through illegal downloading, artists releasing their music for free and websites like spotify, the wealth of free music online is at an all time high. is one of those websites but includes a selection more built through independent artists. Many independent artists have put their music on NoiseTrade to spread the word about their band or an upcoming show.

Bands like fun. and The Lumineers have provided extra content, b-sides and songs that did not make their albums, with the website that is not available anywhere else.

NoiseTrade works with independent artists to provide unique content and events, such as tickets to free shows and tour samplers.

The site also goes beyond music. One artist, Josh Garrels, released his entire discography on the site and raised over 71,000 dollars for a humanitarian cause in the Congo.

Along with music, NoiseTrade does the same with eBooks and connecting authors and readers.

All that being said, NoiseTrade is one hundred percent free. They take donations of course, but are not going to burden you constant charges.

NoiseTrade is a great way to discover some new things to listen to and read.

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