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Making a Fashion Statement

Jo Harrington

Fashion Statement

London, Milan and New York fashion weeks adorned their models with a new-wave of back-to-the-90s fashion trends this year—and we’re excited.

Fashion statement earrings

Spangly statement earrings are not just the reserve of Christmas-themed gimmicks. Shoulder-sweeping and bold-coloured earrings add a touch of summer to your outfit well before the season gets underway. This year, leading fashion houses Balenciaga, Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney have reinvented the statement earring for spring/summer 2018 and while the humble student wallet may be too shallow to acquire such prestigious examples, decently priced imitations will be available on the high street.

‘Matrix’ sunglasses

Out with the old, in with the new (or so they say). Giant, face-obstructing sunglasses have had their time and ‘matrix’ sunglasses from the 90s are making a reappearance. One of America’s most revered supermodels, Bella Hadid, was snapped wearing these futuristic, slender lenses earlier this year. This soon-to-be accessory-staple gets a 10/10 from us.


The inner Parisian in us can finally have their moment because—and I can’t believe it either—berets are back in vogue. The French classic was a highlight at this year’s fashion weeks for both men and women. Brought back to the cat walk by leading designers, this chic accessory is a must-have for your 2018 wardrobe.

Platform shoes

When Balenciaga models strutted down the runway in platform crocs at Paris fashion week this year, it wasn’t necessarily the shoe of choice we were hoping for. They—rightly or wrongly—stole the show and left a few mouths gaping, but looking beyond the eccentric foam footwear, we can definitely make space for a pair of platforms in our lives.

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