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Women's business wear for interviews

The basics of business wear for women

Although you may have just graduated from college, you definitely should give that appearance when stepping into the office of your potential employer. Forget the freshman fads and give yourself a professional authoritative appearance by considering the following tips about how to dress for an interview  from the book “Working World 101.”

  • Women’s business wear tip: When choosing a suit, make sure that it fits and flatters your body type. If you’re busty, make sure your suit jacket closes without gapping. If you’re self-conscious when it comes to your hips, them find a jacket that will cover and flatter them. Wool and cotton are professional looking, but beware of linens as they wrinkle easily.
  • Women’s business wear tip: Never wear a see-through top. Stick with cotton or cashmere shirts and be conscious of the color of the top that you pair with your suit.
  • Women’s business wear tip: Shoes should be professional and conservative. Stay away from high heels and avoid open-toed shoes until you find out what the office’s policy is regarding them.
  • Women’s business wear tip: Wear light, professional, conservative makeup, light perfume and make sure your nails are neat and manicured.

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