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Teach English abroad

Janelle Vreeland

Study abroad and become qualified to teach English as a foreign language

Teaching English abroad is not only a great way to immerse yourself in another culture, it is also a great way to work your way towards a teaching certification.

Programs like InterExchange give students the opportunity to get hands-on experience working, interning and studying abroad. This is especially useful for students who are planning on teaching English as a second or foreign language. Although you can get a lot of practice by studying to teach English abroad while in the U.S., it is difficult to get experience teaching it to someone who has little or no familiarity with English. So, if you plan on teaching English to non-English speakers, the best way to prepare yourself is to teach English abroad.

Just like an internship abroad or study abroad program, teach English abroad programs offer a variety of housing options and destinations. They also offer a variety of ways to teach English abroad. Participants can tutor students one-on-one, act as teaching assistants, intern as a teach, work in an elementary or middle school or even work as library assistants. What is more, depending on the program and the school, participants can also use the experience in the classroom to go towards earning their degree and Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate.

If you’re interested in teaching English abroad, check to see whether or not your school provides such opportunities for studying abroad. If it does not, do your research on third party study abroad companies (like InterExchange) and see whether or not your alma mater will accept your time abroad as time that can be transferred into study abroad credits or hours logged in the classroom.

If your school doesn’t offer teach English abroad programs, be sure to check out the opportunities available through these programs.

Language Corps

International TEFL Academy

Go Abroad

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