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Why Los Campesinos! is the coolest indie band you should listen to

Jamie Ballard

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My high school boyfriend introduced me to Los Campesinos, and made me many a mix CD featuring their songs. While the band’s lyrics may not be suited to a lovey-dovey high school relationship, I like to think they suited us well during our breakup, if nothing else. And in the throes of bitterness, they provided succinct, clever lyrics that epitomize love lost and regrets accumulated. As my former boyfriend said (though he may have stolen it from a YouTube comment, “Los Campesinos is for the eternally horny and the eternally angsty.”

Here are some of their greatest lyrics, for your enjoyment.

“Honestly, you’re an absolute waste of time
Craving attention with your self-deprecation
I’ll tell you one thing:
It’s spot on and I’m better.”
-The End of the Astrisk.

Honestly, this one is here because I started to write an article about relationships, and it involved the word “astrisk,” which reminded me of this song. But this lyric is so damn cool, how can you not include it?

“A heart of stone,
rind so tough it’s crazy,
that’s why they call me the avocado, baby”
– Avocado, Baby.

The first song released from their newest album, Avocado, Baby struck a chord with everyone who’s felt they were less passionate or devoted than their partner or love interest. Which pretty much sums up my year. Not to mention, lead singer Gareth is just so damn cool in the video – what’s not to love?

– This is a flag. There is no wind.

This has been my thought process many a time, in many situations, so I feel it’s only appropriate to include it here, as my life motto. I think it’s applicable to almost any situation. Feel free to yell it occasionally, as they do.

“Writing sleeper hits for all these weeping dip shits,
turning tricks for cheap kicks where I can.”
– She Crows (Documented Minor Emotional Breakdown #4)

I like this one simply because I feel like the band is addressing their fans in the most honest, direct way possible. I’m a weeping dipshit, as is the only other Los Campesinos fan I know. May we all live long and prosperous lives.

“Shout at the world because the world doesn’t love you.
Lower yourself because you know that you’ll have to.”

The title. The words. Perfection? Maybe not, but it certainly feels realer and rawer than anything I’ve ever known. What is life if not a collection of miserabilia?

“Ok, I’m a little bit drunk and I mean just a little bit
No lush in denial, only rather coquettish”
– I Just Sighed. I Just Sighed, Just So You Know

My Friday, Saturday, and Tuesday night motto. No one seems to know what a lush is. Or coquettish. #turnup

Go listen to everything Los Campesinos has ever recorded, then come back here and tell me your favorite lyrics. I have many more favorite lyrics, but these are a few that come to mind. If you ever get the chance, see this band live. I saw this band at Treasure Island and GAMH – truly phenomenal. What are your favorite lyrics?

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