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Queen Latifah is ready for a child

Elif Geris

Queen Latifah's next enterprise and her sexual orientation

Queen Latifah’s next enterprise and her sexual orientation

Queen Latifah, 42, revealed to The View her plan to adopt a child. She said she does not have any preference of where the child comes from.

Queen Latifah said, “I just always wanted to bring a child home,“ adding, ” I’m totally serious, so if you got a kid … Just give me a year,” she said. “Let me set up camp and send me the kid.”

Queen Latifah’s next project for release is Ice Age: Continental Drift. CNN wrote that she is already child-proofed because of her upcoming production.

Barbara Walters’s opened the topic when she asked Queen Latifah about her plans of family.

“Tale Tela” wrote the opinion that Queen Latifah’s plan “ill only add fuel to the fire about her sexuality, with many speculating over the years that she is a lesbian.”

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