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Who is Rebecca Black?

Allyce Andrew

“Friday” is no longer everyone’s favorite song

If musical talent is judged by the amount of views a song gets on YouTube then the ridiculously annoying pre-teen anthem “Friday” will not make it difficult for music fans to decide which seat to take before driving off a cliff.

To put this a bit into perspective, “Friday” has racked in well more than seven million views since it was posted in February while Grammy winners, Arcade Fire, received more than 5.5 million views for their video “Wake Up,” posted in 2006. 

The artist responsible for “Friday” is Rebecca Black, a thirteen-year-old girl who is signed to teeny-bopper ARK Music Factory and has been referenced by some sources as the “next” Justin Bieber due to her swift rise into internet stardom. 

Tosh.0 blogger Mike Pomranz seems to have different expectations from the young singer, since his post, Songwriting Isn’t For Everyone,” recently featured “Friday.”

The backlash of “Friday” (and lack of substance) did not deter ARK Music from releasing the track on iTunes, which can be found here. Honestly, Rebecca Black has to be given a little credit for being so young and generating more coverage (even Ryan Seacrest has tweeted about her) in almost one month than most aspiring musicians can acquire in a lifetime – notoriety that she will hopefully use to redeem herself in the future. Until then, Black will most likely be the source of countless memes for the next few months.

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