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Out of the Ordinary

What were these cops thinking?

Mike Gregory

Two officers of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department and their MD 500 helicopter

Here are some cop blunders that you may not have hear about yet

Lately, we see cases of police blunders all over the headlines. They negligently discharge their weapon in a public place, overreact and shoot before asking questions, or beat on someone who doesn’t deserve it. Here are some odd cop mess-ups that you may not have heard about.

In 2011, police in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, were arresting gay men. Their sting operation consisted of an undercover cop approaching gay men, asking if they’d like to have sex, and arresting them when they said yes to the question. There was never a mention of exchanging money in these arrests, so the case of prostitution had to be ruled out. Formal apologies were made and charges were dropped in the cases.

Just as the war on drugs created more drugs, Colorado federal agents created a poaching ring of epic proportions at the cost of many dead wild animals. An undercover agent, calling himself John Morgan, handed out flyers in San Luis, Colorado stating that he was a taxidermist and looking to give big payouts for animals such as eagles and bears. What they never took into account was that San Luis is a poverty ridden area of Colorado, where residents there make an annual salary of $7600 dollars a year. This resulted in the illegal slaughter of nearly 500 elk, 2,000 deer, and 95 eagles. For all of the animals slaughtered, there were only 57 individuals who were arrested. Where was the justice in that?

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