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What to wear to lunch with the ex

Janelle Vreeland

Put your best face forward, even if it’s for your ex

Inevitably, we are all faced with the exciting and sometimes nerve-jangling lunch with the ex. Whether or not drama has preceded this lunch is quite dependent on your situation. Perhaps there’s no drama, and you’re just really good, old friends who used to date way back when.

Perhaps there’s been a lot of drama of late, and this lunch may or may not require Kleenex. In any case, you want to be smokin’ hot in a way that says, “I’ve totally moved on and I’m doing great,” but at the same time reminds your ex of the times you used to make out in each other’s cars.
Let us help you make a complicated situation a tiny bit easier by suggesting a few no-fail tricks to ensure you bring maximum hotness to the table.

1. Shamelessly exploit their kryptonite.

In other words, if your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend loved it when you looked a certain way, e.g. when you wore those tight, white tees that made your pecs look amazing, or that preppy dress that made you look like a sexy librarian, no wis the time to sport those duds!
It’s not like you’re trying to lure your ex back into your web or anything–or maybe you are–the point is that knowing you look appealing is going to give you the confidence you need so you that you can relax and feel good!

2. Play to your strengths.

If you have a freakishly tiny Dita Von Teese waist, or those incredible tan forearms that outdoorsy guys develop via rock climbing, by all means show them off!

You don’t have to be the skinniest girl or the most cut guy in the room in order to shine. You just have to know how to recognize your best features, and then accentuate them. For example, Tiny Waist Girl might wear a dress with a nipped-in, belted waist, drawing attention to her hourglass shape. Tan Forearms Guy might wear a button-down with the sleeves rolled up just so. You get the point.

3. Make your glowing skin even more flawless.

I just discovered two great new products that I love and, I swear, no one is paying me to promote these!

The first is a Maybelline Mineral Power bronzing booster. It’s basically a dropper bottle full of bronzing liquid that you can add to any lotion or foundation!

I love it because you can customize the color by adding more or fewer drops, so my friends who have darker skin than me are able to borrow it.

As I mentioned before, you can also use it in combination with any lotion you want! Try it with your favorite firming lotion, shimmer lotion, or scented lotion can be instantly transformed into a bronzer! It’s a great idea!

The lotion kind of tricky to find online, but I got mine at a local Walgreen’s, and I heard that many people are finding theirs at CVS. Wherever you find it, be sure to blend, blend, blend to avoid streaking!

The second product is a kind of don’t-knock-it-’til-you-try-it concoction. Don’t laugh. It’s Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup

At first, I thought only tap-dancing grandmas would use this kind of stuff. But then, I totally tried it and LOVED it. It evened out my skin tone and added this crazy-sexy glimmer that, I’m going to be honest with you, makes me look exactly like Edward in daylight! A winner!

3. Simplicity vs. Peacocking: your choice.

Go big or go home. Wait, go big or go more simple. If you’re doing the whole Mystery peacocking Daisy of Love look, then go for it! Your ex probably loved your accessories and eyeliner before, so you ought bust ‘em out in full force if it makes you feel good! I would!

Your other option is to go simple and sleek. Who was it that had that trick? Marilyn Monroe? I can’t remember exactly, but some stylish lady would turn away from the mirror, and then turn back towards it quickly.

The first thing that caught her eye — a bracelet, a rhinestone broach, what have you — she would remove. You could try the same! That way, the attention-getting thing in the room is you!

4. No weird, uncomfortable undergarments allowed!

Especially if the only reason you’re wearing them is to avoid hooking up with the ex! That strategy doesn’t work I’m afraid. You just end up hooking up anyway, Bridget Jones-style.

So, don’t squiggle yourself into a sausage-casing-like undergarment if you can’t breathe in it. If you have do a comfortable pair of Spanx or something, that smooth your lines and make you look delicious, yet still allow you the ability to exhale, then by all means, that’s an appropriate choice!

Just don’t smash yourself into some sort of corset and then pass out at the table.

5. If you need strength, wear a “touchstone.”

No, I don’t mean some sort of LAIRE-like amulet. I just mean that, if you think you need a little support, bring something that will remind me of your strong heart.

Maybe your new boyfriend or girlfriend gave you a necklace that can remind you of the new love you have found now. Maybe you can just bring a lucky penny or a seashell in your pocket to remind you that the world is big and wide and full of fish, and that you deserve the best of the best.

Last but not least, wear a smile. You kids have history. You go way back.
Maybe life looks a little different now, but don’t be afraid to lighten up. This person is something to you . Acknowledge that and treasure it. Stick with the positive. I hope all of you will be wearing smiles after your lunches with your exes and that that your special date is followed by a bright, open future! 

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