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What happens when a mom goes on strike?

Kelly Bradley

Unwashed dishes in the sink.

Mother of three, Jessica Stilwell, went on strike after her kids failed to do their chores

Although they may not have a salary or vacation time off, being a mom is still a full-time job. And make no mistake, they have the ability to go on strike. This is what mother of three, Jessica Stilwell, decided to do in order to prove a point to her children about cleaning up after themselves.

When Stilwell’s children, twins, age 10, and her oldest, age 12 were consistently expecting their mother to pick up after them, Stilwell decided she had enough. When her husband, Dylan, was out of town, she sat down around 11 p.m. to find yet another mess created by none other than her children. It was at this point that Stilwell decided to go on strike. Unfortunately for her kids, they were not informed of this.

Jessica Stilwell took to her Facebook page saying, “This working mom has officially gone on strike within the home! Nothing said, no warning…updates to follow.” Soon, dishes began piling up and dirty clothes remained dirty. The mother updated her blog called Crazy Working Mom about the status of the house. She wrote, “The milk, cereal and ice cream are now in a solid state. I don’t know a lot about chemistry, but I’m assuming this is not a good thing.”

It took a full three days for the kids to realize their house was in shambles. Stilwell’s 10-year-old daughter began sobbing as she asked her mom to help her clean the house. By day six, the strike was over. The children soon discovered that all of the messes around the house were not created by their parents.

Needless to say the children learned a valuable lesson about keeping the house tidy and not expecting their mother to act as the maid. However, the mother of three also learned a lesson for herself in the process. On her blog, she stated “I admit there were times I was on auto-pilot and had to un-do my cleaning and put back their mess. This was a lesson for me!! I had NO idea how much I did for them without even realizing it.”

This mother soon received an apology, which consisted of her children cleaning while she relaxed. I’m sure I speak for all of the moms out there when I say well done Jessica Stilwell, well done.

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