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What Did You Do For Earth Day 2015

Mike Gregory

How did you spend your Earth Day? For many people, there was no deviation from their daily routine. Earth Day, April 22nd, was the 45th anniversary of the annual event, which is held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It was first celebrated in 1970, and is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network, and celebrated in more than 192 countries each year.

I didn’t go overboard, I simply planted a tree. I honestly can’t even tell you what kind of tree it is. I found the small sapling, growing in a Pennsylvania forest that I regularly visit. The saplings around here have a hard time developing throughout the year, due to the thick canopy of the trees. I gently pulled the small sapling and its roots, via digging tool, from the soft, dark, earthen forest, and placed it in a container that I’d brought with me.

It was a ceremony to end all ceremonies. I walked out into my large backyard, alone, and planted the tree with some fresh, store bought, soil. That was it, my contribution to Earth Day, 2015. Though it seems insignificant, it really does mean something to me. The woods that I brought it from, are woods that I grew up in, woods that I hike, woods that I hunt, and woods that I love. That little tree might grow into a 50 footer, or, it could just turn into a short shrubby tree. Either way, I am happy to now have it as a part of my property.

The reason I am writing this, you ask? Well, it makes me think of how we treat this planet on a daily basis. You have to admit, Mother Earth is one tough mother. We constantly send our smoke and fumes into her atmosphere, wipe out her forests in which we then build a newer, more improved, Wal Mart, and on top of it all, we wipe out her natural habitats.

I am no fanatic of defending the earth, I contribute to her degradation every day, just like many of us, by driving to work in a V8 Ford (it is a van-pool however). I am writing to see how you spent Earth Day 2015 as well. Feel free to Email me, and if you did something above and beyond, perhaps I’ll write about it.

Take Care,


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