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Wealthy Italian Woman leaves cat $13 million

Jalesa Hall

Though this is not him, Tommaso is a black cat.

After Marie Assunta’s death two weeks ago,a stray cat she adopted inherited a fortune.

Tommaso, a four year stray cat, has inherited $13 million fortune, due to the passing of his owner, according to Yahoo!News

Marie Assunta, a wealthy widow of an Italian property tycoon, died two weeks ago at the age of 94. Due to the fact that she had no children, two years ago she decided to leave her entire estate to Tommaso.

After failed attempts at finding a proper organization or group to care for Tommaso after she passed, Assunta left to money to the cat via her nurse, Stefania.
For security reasons, Stefania’s last name has not been released.

Stefani said, “I promised her that I would look after the cat when she was no longer around. She wanted to be sure that Tommaso would be loved and cuddled. But I never imagined that she had this sort of wealth.”

The good fortune has placed Tommaso Number 3 on the list of wealthy pets, behind Kalu the chimp, who was left with $80 million when his owner passed and a German shepherd Gunther IV, who inherited $372 million dollars from his father, Gunter III, companion of a German countess.

Tommaso’s complete riches include, cash and properties in Rome, Milan with land in Calabria.

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