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Ways Behavioral Targeting Can Help Increase Online Sales

Ruben Corbo

If you’re not familiar with behavioral targeting, it’s time to get aquainted with this powerful online marketing and website optimization technique. Most web developers aren’t familiar with the term themselves, so here’s the scoop.

It’s a possibility you’ve come into contact with behavioral targeting before on sites you frequent. It’s also not unheard of that many popular sites of top grossing businesses owe it to this novel technique.

What is Behavioral Targeting?

Behavior targeting is a term you should be familiar with as you develop your website. It’s a technique used by savvy marketers to increase their campaigns effectiveness and reception. Advertising campaigns regularly use it to capture and hold the interest of their designated audiences and generate more leads and sales.

The Magic of Behavioral Targeting – How It Works

To be adept at Behavioral Targeting one has to be skilled in understanding target markets and the interests in which they cater.

Two kinds of behavioral targeting coincide with two types of website content advertising. First is onsite behavioral targeting, and second is network behavioral marketing.

Onsite behavioral targeting is commonly used in sites that publish news and other similar updates. It taps directly into the browsing patterns and behavior of the user and analyzes his or her interests from this data.

The technique then uses this set of characteristics and patterns to display pre-programmed and relevant content to appeal to the site visitors – enabling them to dig deeper and stay longer.

Next is Network Behavior Marketing. Advertising companies typically use this type of marketing, since it taps directly into networking sites where potential customers are. Browsing history and behavior of the site visitors are also taken into account, allowing the visitor to see the type of product promotions that s/he is most likely interested in seeing and actually buying.

Increasing Conversion Rates with Behavioral Targeting

These two types of targeting are used in conjunction with each other to bring you the content and advertisements that you’re most likely interested in. First, the relevant content is brought by the programmed data, through onsite behavioral targeting.  On the other hand, the ads generated in the site itself as you browse is brought by network behavioral targeting.

Because of this relevant content the visitor is served, they’re more likely to stay on the site longer as well as delve deeper into it. The site is suddenly more useful to them because it caters to their interests.

How Does Behavioral Targeting Increase Sales?

Behavioral targeting increasing sales through simple means. Sites like eBay and Amazon encourage you to click around the products you find interesting, and then you’ll be directed to check out a list of recommended items based on your tastes. These lists have been created with the visitor in mind and have gone along way in working wonders for generating secondary on-site sales.

How Does Behavioral Targeting Increase Coverage?

Many online shoppers are happy to tell family and friends about their experiences using particular sites. By providing targeted, relevant content to visitors, online marketers may influence word-of-mouth among visitors who wish to share this positive experience with others. The result is more coverage of your site, which may lead to more sales.

This is a guest article from Ruben Corbo, which writes for several different topics including music, internet marketing, and digital art technology. For more information on behavioral targeting you can go to and read their guide which provides a lot more in depth explanation on behavioral targeting as well as other web analytics aspects for your business.

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