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Midnight munchies might just cost you your teeth

Editorial Staff

Or so says a study from the University of Copenhagen

If you’ve ever had the munchies, or gotten anything to eat at Drunkin’ Donuts after a particularly adventurous night out, the University of Copenhagen has some bad news for you: You’re damaging your teeth — perhaps beyond repair.

According to BBC News, researchers looked at more than 2,200 Danish residents’ medical records, and found that those who snacked after midnight were much more likely to develop tooth loss, no matter what kind of food they ate. So it would seem that no matter if you make yourself a humble sandwich, or if you just gotta get that Whopper, you’re putting your teeth in a world of hurt.

Apparently, the reason for this is because saliva flow tends to dry up at night. Saliva is important for getting out the food debris in your mouth after you eat. Those that the study dubbed “nocturnal eaters” were more likely lose their teeth, just because the saliva wasn’t there to get rid of the gunk that built up after the midnight snacks.

To read more about the study’s methodology, go here. To check out the rest of the BBC piece, go here.

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