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Walmart bleach fight ends in evacuation

Janelle Vreeland


Walmart bleach fight broke out between two customers

A bleach fight in a Baltimore, Maryland Walmart on Saturday resulted in a store evacuation and a call to the hazardous materials team.

NBC reports that the Walmart bleach fight broke out between two female shoppers. An argument broke out between the two and they ended up throwing bleach and another chemical on each other. Reportedly, one person was arrested and charges are pending.

The Walmart was evacuated and closed for two hours while a haz-mat team responded to the situation. Nineteen people were hospitalized. Of the 19, one was taken to the Wilmer Eye Institute with a potentially serious eye injury.

In a statement, Walmart officials said, “This is obviously not the type of behavior we would expect from people at our stores. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused to our customers.”

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