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“Walking Dead” season two premiere

Danielle Olipra

"Walking Dead"

“Walking Dead” zombie drama continues to awe

Important Note: This article contains information about the episode.

On Sunday night, after a wait that kept many nail-biting viewers on the edge of their couches, “Walking Dead” returned for its second season which the LA Times calls, “arguably the best installment of the series so far.” Mixed reactions to the show’s creator Frank Darabont leaving earlier this year are most likely put to rest after the riveting extended episode, run by his replacement Glen Mazarra.

The episode finds the band of survivors shortly after the events of the first season’s finale, leaving Atlanta’s CDC where Dr. Jenner, a man who had lost his wife and his will to live, had tried to trap them all inside to be burned alive, his version of saving them.

The crew attempts to head to Ft. Benning, but a massive road block, and of course a huge wave of walking dead, stall their efforts. Carol’s young daughter Sophia is driven into the woods by two walkers, and although Rick takes out both enemies, she goes missing. Carol remains in a state of distress from then on, causing tension between Rick’s wife Lori and the others, leading to a confrontation during which Lori demands that Carol stops blaming Rick for her daughter’s disappearance.

Other notable arguments occurred between Lori and Shane, Shane revealing that he plans to abandon the group because of his feelings for Lori. Andrea also dishes it out to Dale, who she feels forced her to leave the CDC where she had chosen to stay and take control of her fate.

While tracking Sophia, the group hears church bells and they hurry towards the noise, only to find the sounds are automated. Their stop at the small chapel leads to a plea to God from Carol, begging to be reunited with her daughter. Once they move on, Rick lingers and, in a rare vulnerable moment, he asks for a sign that he is doing the right thing.

Rick then joins Shane to comb the woods for Sophia once again, Rick’s son Carl tagging along. They spot a deer, and Carl attempts to get close to the creature which seems welcoming and gentle. But the moment quickly turns sour when a shot comes through the bushes. The bullet knocks out the deer and then hits Carl in the chest, who immediately collapses. Rick rushes to aid his only child as the episode comes to a close.

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